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  1. 3 Crate Abdera meth house and garage across street on S1 offer
  2. 521550efaa6c85f5d13fe2fb0a5a0883.jpg

    1. Elements



  3. Any recap vids of the cartel event? All streams are deleted of it

  4. Well, atleast it’s abundantly clear all factions are beneath apd on oly
  5. Red X's next to Oly servers and "connecting failed" , after a 4 min update this morning, any ideas?

    1. Zurph


      Arma updated this morning and olympus has yet to update the servers to the newest version

    2. Woo
    3. Ryan


      We’ve been hearing the update broke arma servers so we doing some tests before updating to the latest version. 

  6. can someone explain to me why cops can pull at rebels, but rebels cant pull at hq's?

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Evannn


      2 hours ago, ThatNerdyGuy said:

      Probably because civs would pull cars like ifrits or 50 cals to kill/ leave with the suspects the cops have.

      cops pull ghosthawks and go to rebels

      why cant civs do the same to hq 

    3. Woo
    4. Ryan


      Bring the idea to civ council, they can bring it up in a meeting cause I probably will forget. 

  7. @Zurph Until our demands are met we don’t fight

    @MASVIDAL @Elements @Drippp

    1. Zurph


      why are you @ me retard, dont talk to me.

    2. Woo


      @Zurph demands just went up for the disrespect, lil man

  8. 9ecef2_7503d6ea8dd94fe6b467bcb7108ad2b7.

    Imagine goat and rabid launching you

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. JuanDeaged


      That shit would be lit

    3. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      Imagine NASA realizing they have been spending billions when they can just have these kids work for food ??

    4. Jester


      Father + son activities!!

  9. help being abused by support

  10. congrats olympus you played all of us again

  11. It’s far from a win for civ just to get the bomb to blow. That’s just the easiest part. Add 100 more towers, it’ll effectively change next to nothing. The biggest issue is once that bomb blows, to storing the money.
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