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  1. I remember stealing all your members from lnt to get them to join trident you've come far since then @MAV grats 

  2. Shits scuffed 

  3. Jeffer Jeff

    bet some idiot tried to report me for this one, suck a fat one if wave rule applies then its an illegal area so shooting others civs when anti-air is hacked isn't rdm
  4. Jeffer Jeff

    I wasn't at meeting sadly beacuse of family stuff but i trust you i got stuff to bring upppp
  5. Jeffer Jeff

    o7 nomads leader
  6. Grats @decla i big up all the brits 

    1. decla



  7. Jeffer Jeff

    Arma runs like arse no matter what god pc you got . also is it sli or nvlink ?
  8. the increase in brain dead threads has gotta come from somewhere

    1. Evann


      downvot s

  9. Jeffer Jeff

  10. Chill guys its just some late April fools joke, right @Ares

  11. Grats @ThatNerdyGuy

    o7 @Decimus you gotta jump on civ sometime and get off dayz 

    1. ThatNerdyGuy


      Thanks man!

  12. image.png.12e0a524a735fbfbfb35f85a25d29f86.png

    Good luck out stacking us. Smiley 


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