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  1. Did @Bloodmoon get corp, Do i gotta log on and get you removed again. 


  2. Happy birthday!

  3. New website stuff and brinign back twitch tab is great, Keep up the good work. 


  4. image.thumb.png.f48b0a56827e3124aad2f468e5de44f4.png

    DB Team speak is poppin



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    2. Ryan


      @billdroid I’m neutral tbh but this situation was just retarded and could of been easily avoided lmao

    3. Ryan


      Ye @Kamikaze is the one that went for the ban, he ain’t even in db he’s @Creepy’s puppet in BW 🙂 

    4. Drippp


      Okay now @Ryan let’s not act like @Kamikaze doesn’t always have rabid and goats dick down his throat,  js. 


  5. Dude DB Egos gone over the roof no wonder server pop is down 😄 


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    2. Grego


      @rabid I wouldn't be calling me a loser lol. retard you sit it your room all day talking shit on an arma 3 forums

    3. billdroid


      Hey that’s toxic mr. staff member @rabid

    4. billdroid


      Grego come back the community needs u 👾

  6. @Hylos @ThatNerdyGuy you guys gonna be on the Death screen a whole lot this coming month
  7. I dont know if that's even possible, maybe doable with a team speak add on capping people in the channel by putting a cap on it comparing it to server pop using SQL.
  8. Think a reduction of the number of cops could be due, with the removal of server 3 and the lower server pop the amount of cops hasn't really change but the civs have, maybe increasing running costs of cops is finally needed ????
  9. S2 is on some new level of fucked up right now Its bugging out people disappearing and freezing all over the place possible hacker ? 

  10. Have a good day @ThatNerdyGuy make sure you vibe

  11. The medic is 7km at the start of the clip but just watch, Medic where ? 


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    2. shadowtail00


      No, he died after he ran out of the heli

    3. Slumberjack


      Looks like you found us testing a new "medical-wizard" rank 🤣:kappa:

      Usually if a heli is involved in any type of revive the bodies appear in different positions client-side. (i.e floating bodies around the map)

    4. Ryan Beck

      Ryan Beck

      Hey, I like the new rank Caught those guys off guard pretty well 😄 

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