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  1. ryan beck

    Like 30 apd members with mar 10s that was my shit
  2. ryan beck

    ill pay more than him
  3. ryan beck

    idk prices atm but im interested
  4. If any randy gang needs To fill a roster slot for gang wars feel free to hit me up 

  5. @Pledge got chief oh snap i remember when he got demoted from LT Grats 

    1. an overweight giant retard
    2. gaz


      Just now, an overweight giant retard said:

      is this facebook


    3. Pledge


      10 minutes ago, an overweight giant retard said:

      is this facebook


      10 minutes ago, Gaz said:



  6. Wait did daddy @Arigato do an oopsie or something ?

    Edited by ryan beck
    1. Arigato


      Nope, gave up admin to focus on a new role

    2. ryan beck

      ryan beck

      Ayy my guy im not really up to date with olympus so i got no idea Good luck dude 

  7. ryan beck

    during lower server pop times people will exploit this
  8. Bruh why wasnt @RambleR a mod under peter would have his admin in no time :( i miss you rambler 

    1. Dante


      Fun fact Rambler was up for Admin but he got busy then left. He was undoubtedly getting it. The actual BOY. 

    2. RambleR


      Was working on a work promotion, i had to focus on IRL shit :(

      in the end, my company changed back all salary to hourly pay so i still got cucked lol ! Been too long / i dont even know most staff now :(

  9. ryan beck

    how much you got to spend homes ?
  10. ryan beck


    i got an mk1 taser
  11. ryan beck

    Nah i lost them over a year ago :D
  12. ryan beck

    Selling an MK1 tazer, tier 4 vest HMU with some offers its all gotta go
  13. Happy new year all

  14. Did you guys change the sgt coveralls logged in fir the first time in like 6 months had a full sgt loadout but my coveralls went to some boring jail ones 

    1. Dante


      Yeah sAPD uniform was changed a bit ago 


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