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  1. How many hours do you have to have in game to be vigi?
  2. Im at a friends house for the weekend, and am trying to use his pc to play oly. Signed out of his steam, logged into mine, hit play, it showed my units, started the game, and I cant find my character, only his. Solution?
  3. LieutenantRed


    Mar 10 (prefer taser) Dms MX Tasers Sting Tasers DM me what you have and your price, lets work something out, ill be on tonight and this weekend
  4. mk 1 for gang shit car 95 for scatting mk18 for high cal catting
  5. lmaooo, i appreciate you lookin out for me but im not a newbie, just poor. I play a lot of server 2
  6. aye for some reason i kinda want this, i havent had a "house addon" yet, obviously it has no storage but can i spawn in it
  7. Looking to buy mostly mx's or stings, trying to buy in bulk if your prices are not painful. I main server 2 but we can work somethin out. LieutenantRed#7939
  8. @LieutenantRedfor permanent promotion to chiefs pet
  9. +1 even tho i cant lethal xD
  10. LieutenantRed


    If the mx isnt gone id love it (taser), or a mk1.

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