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  1. @Kedar Thought you were going to discord call me and I was going to help you with the test? Was that not the plan considering we had to fix your discord to stream ts sound?

  2. Free my baby boy, he didnu nuffin, hes a good boy, hes neva done nuffin. The systems out to get us

  3. Can I get off restrictions so I can actually fucking bet please?

  4. Happy birthday @Cyanide Heres an unlimited use cracker pass

  5. Pools closed

  6. So how long on toilet paper runs?

  7. Coronavirus is a hoax to distract from the fact it's the 21st and Sandman is still chief 

  8. @Zahzi Happy Birthday 

    Image result for rabbit with carrot

  9. Already uploading the edited video
  10. Go look at the Bohemia discord. All the mods actually white knight over the policy on this game its hillarious
  11. Hate to see it @Kedar

  12. Biggest simps in the world are those who are donating for Olympus to have a testing server that clearly doesnt get used

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. NokiaStrong


      yeah u definitely dont know what a simp is  https://gyazo.com/a7ddba44513e836e806864baa41d84f7

    3. silver


      no one uses simp like that these days, but ok i guess

    4. Civak


      you were simping in that ban appeal

  13. Yo there were some guys in white bed sheets at your door with lit torches. I told them that halloween is months away and they cleared off. I got your back my nigga @ChrisGG

    1. Ravin


      Sorry me and @DeadPool had the wrong house my b 🐒

    2. Unjo


      Now the pumpkin makes sense

  14. Don't listen to vigi retard. If they are pulling up to the situation and obviously grouped up with the opposing group and about to get involved, feel free to kill. Its called group engagement. If its very obviously some third party vulture trying to scout out the situation and see whats up then engage. Just becareful if you use group engagement, administration sucks more than Henry the hoover
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