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  1. Unjo

  2. Unjo

    Gang Gang
  3. DWGEZM5UABU Crunchyroll 1 month pass, I get my stuff freesource  :Kappa:

  4. Unjo

    5 mil
  5. How can you use 4000 rounds from a ghosthawk and not kill a single person

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Skys


      @Mason Harrison unjo is talking about you :Kappa:

    3. Hurricane


      I wasn't gunning ask @buckie

    4. buckie


      see what happen was i was shooting then a gang of muslims ran in my house and starting throwing grenades and raping my goats so i had to leave so i had to tape my left mouse button down to just shoot im sorry about that whiff never again

      Edited by buckie
  6. @Mr Majestic got 28 cop kills with an sdar the other day. I only ever use car 95-1. Weapon hardly matters
  7. Happy birthday gains master @DeadPool

  8. Imma need me one of those rpks



  9. Happy birthday @TheCmdrRex

    You too @Ryan


    1. Ryan


      Thanks qt :wub:

  10. "I am neutralised" he said, with a loaded gun and functioning legs.

    1. Millennium


      Doesnt matter now lmao

  11. Unjo

    Wave 1 dep becomes neutralised Wave 2 comes in Wave 2 gets molly wopped Does wave 3 have to wait untill dep actually reaches the hq? Or is he execluded from the wave
  12. Unjo

    Its actually a fucking joke how cops rely on probably untested rule changes to even have a chance to winning. Literally zero reason to think about how to play well on cop.

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