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  1. So fed stats????

    Congrats @Ryan

  2. Unjo

    Is this back door locked or something, or has the bot cop pathfinding ai set on the quickest route?
  3. Image result for stack of 50 pound notes

    1. indian


      thank you for the live image of Ares’ right pocket!

  4. Happy birthday @Borax, finally old enough to become a cop nerd

  5. Now go get some fresh air, congrats @Bloodmoon

  6. Level 25 RDMer

  7. Unjo

    Lol, just deny them and move on, easy minutes on medic
  8. If a pilot gets a message from [DB] saying Land or be titaned by [DB] That should be enough. It's pointless having to a literal paragraph dedicated to names or having to check who is titaning
  9. Unjo

    Cartel reps with the denials again
  10. When admins ask where your money went

    Image result for gone reduced to atoms high quality

    1. Danger


      Betting :D

    2. abu


      nice one brother!

  11. So what were BI angry about

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. MAV


      @codeYeTi so i agree and disagree with you on this... I agree that discouraging communities from monetizing their servers preventing it from being pay to win is a good idea... I disagree with expecting communities to police player to player transactions... reason being is that money is earned in game, not spawned in by staff... 

      @an overweight giant retard I really hope we don't need to go down that route either, but we need to do what bohimia says we need to do. We've been banning people from TS, forums and in-game when we have proof. I haven't seen what guidelines bohimia has set for us to follow now... so it may come to that... (though i hope not, since as you said, its unverifiable and i will never ban someone if i cant verify evidence)

    3. Ryan


      @an overweight giant retard TLDR we did nothing wrong, they just needed to be dramatic by closing our servers just to tell us we did nothing wrong but they want us to be more strict. 

    4. codeYeTi


      @MAV yea I think the key there is that its players selling PLAYER-GENERATED stuff. It’s different if a server poofs things in to existence to sell.


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