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  1. Someone that reports people for selling money after buying money from them
  2. Congrats @Zeuse 

    Stop wasting time on this game, this is just racist facebook at this point

    1. Zeuse


      Thanks.  Not much else to waste my time on tbh.

  3. Being hot is really uncomfortable whilst cold starts to hurt depending on how cold
  4. So why is @SixNain off restrictions when he brought money and hardly even played the game until he got off restrictions but his alleged dealer is still on restrictions?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SixNain


      bc i like penis and got no gag reflex


    3. SixNain


      im still waiting on that swatting btw

    4. Raquese
  5. Selling cus scared zzzz
  6. Happy Birthday @Fedot

    OT OT

  7. Dam Chriss really do be making himself non coupable

    Mic input was disabled so we can't hear what he says 

    Group engagement exists

    player comped for revive

    Staff quality really do be declining

    1. Show previous comments  23 more
    2. decla


      panda do be out here grinding them false ban tickets ngl 

    3. Orgondo


      LOL, for fucks sake.

    4. QKSILVR73


      dude says, "Hey buddy, Hands up or be tazed."


  9. There are apprentley "unwritten rules" that SAPD can't camp a piece of property for more than 15+ minutes Beware though, "unwritten rules" cant be copy pasted into a support channel cus they dont exsist and SAPD tend to play by a different handbook anyway
  10. Now commit misconduct ban
  11. Someone stocked up at a t5 vigi...
  12. So when is everyone gonna relise money hungry cops don't care about arrests so much, but actually drug searches which come with easily gainable perks so they get extra money per search

    1. Soulz
    2. NokiaStrong


      PSA: Don’t turn yourself in, request a lethal

    3. N7Zero


      "Hello officer i would like to request for a lethal?"

      Officer: "Sure!"

      Officer: *Handcuffs you* *starts reading off charges*

  13. The fuck is 5000 hours
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