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  1. I think a great way to boost player numbers would be to appeal to the solo player rather than the big gangs and cartel players for example those weekly events are mostly pvp events geared towards huge gangs where as the solo player in terms of events get what? those small events the admins run when they feel like it now what if the devs found a way to make those events automatically launch every few hours? it probably wont grow the pop too much but it would certainly keep the interest of the few new players a little longer while you guys work on larger bigger events
  2. yo ngl a drone on medic would be sick but whats the use? maybe picking up guys that die on roofs or something
  3. wow yall dont even hold me up my nametag must be red the way yall be blasting
  4. so errr what was the final nail in the coffin? could prob name a few but wanna be sure XD how long yo jail sentence boi?

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