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  1. nomadox

    low iq. Mk14 has some of the best range and bullet velocity in the game, as well as astounding accuracy. To make it not overpowered they upped the recoil. Firing speed is sick too
  2. I got third partied on asylum and they asked me to admit to cheating or I’d be banned off Olympus too, so obviously I admitted even though I didn’t fucking cheat. Shit is dumb
  3. I am so powerful and. My brain works like no one else because it is so smart% this is why I kill all my enemy es at cartel

    1. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      If you are so smart why did u end your sentence after and a period.

    2. Johnson4356


      nomadox out here flexin'

  4. nomadox

  5. laptop tage incoming at this rate

    1. N7Zero


      brought to you by Image result for powerpoint

  6. asylum for over 4 years
  7. thankful for @Winchester

    1. I’m NormaL

      I’m NormaL

      Hey Bud Hope Your Having A Wonderful Thanksgiving Today With The Fam :)

  8. nomadox

    I came up with words to sound smart, I have no idea what I'm talking about.
  9. nomadox

    not true as the syclapic value is being input into a Numcert protocol which sorts the numbers into roundable values, and writes them as an integer, removing float by rounding.
  10. nomadox

    actually anything less than .5, as it rounds to the nearest integer
  11. nomadox

    @Peter Long can we finally get our gang wars runner up money then
  12. nomadox

    @Peter Long eta on that 2nd place money? i know ur busy mate but hit us up when u can
  13. nomadox

    the whole process seemed pretty decent, however it would be nice if you paid the runners up, the daddy's darlings boys still haven't got any money @tryhardsqueaker
  14. nomadox

    but it feels good
  15. nomadox

    daddy's darlings easy win 20-0, better start making that poster in kavala already

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