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  1. salutations to the comrades @ Ace  @ Venomm  @ Caden , I have transferred 100 social credits to each of your accounts as a reward.

    [ 中华人民共和国寄语] Great work, Citizen! Your social credit score has increased by [100] Integers. You can now have priority transport and can now get into prestigious colleges! Keep up the good work! [ 中华人民共和国寄语]

  2. Happy birthday to the US Navy, @ Sho-Time  go eat some cake.

  3. Brazilian cops make this server look realistic.


    Also good shit @ Brandyn Barker

    1. Sanguine


      fala portugese

  4. I get that, my main point is intrinsic vs extrinsic rewards. The APD is still working with the former when it's simply not the same motivator it was even a few years ago. The whole undercover thing was pretty OP when it first came out. we can spend brainpower, resources and political capital making a gimmick for less than 20 people, but we can't figure out a way to motivate and value the majority of the faction? It doesn't have to be anything crazy, but numbers wise the RnR is about the same size as the APD in juniors and they seem to have a higher level of job satisfaction. Like I said, I'm not a decision maker and you're getting paid the big e-bux to figure this stuff out. But from my observations, I think the APD needs to fundamentally change the way it approaches rank structures, gameplay and interactions at a vertical and horizontal level, because having an almost full server with barely any cops at peak times is a symptom of a bigger issue.
  5. The backbone of the APD is deputies and POs, we have 104 in total on the sheets and using the 7 days active it drops down to 77, with Corporals it's only 96 active Jr APD. I'd love to break it down by how many are barely hitting minimums, but sadly the public data doesn't really accommodate that level of analysis. It used to be that by average time, POs were doing most of the work, we're now seeing an inversion of that trend where most of the hours are now sgt>cpl>PO. This goes deeper than a 3 week old fed wave in my opinion, there's little incentive for the Jr APD to play in general. As the server pop declines, faction numbers will too, but it's not uncommon to find the server full of civs with only enough cops to fill a unit channel, those numbers only tick up when seniors or a group of Cpl+ friends get on. Historically, deputy and PO have been rotating doors and currently the numbers aren't looking great when you realize the huge turnover at that rank. There's not much that can be done to alter the cop formula, but I believe that a lot of the recruiting and retention issues could be fixed by getting in-depth statistics and sitting down with a wide variety of Jr APD to see what they want changed. Winters has been doing a decent job, but the Jr APD idea form died out after a few weeks, and, at this point in the server's life, Jr APD participation in the bigger aspects of the faction will only become more important as time goes on to maintain more than a skeleton crew. I don't have a specific fix for this off the top of my head that doesn't result in a half-baked APD buff, but then again I'm not a decision maker so it's not really my problem to worry about. From what I see, it seems the APD is still working with the outdated mindset that tons of people want to play cop and the whitelist is a reward within itself, which isn't really reflective of the current meta, the glory days aren't coming back and the APD needs to take a page from the RnR's book and work on valuing the bulk of their faction more than it currently does.
  6. Big ups to @ Lime on director of the Bureau for Medical "Services", put that business major to use and make the faction profitable.

    ETA on privatizing the RnR?

  7. o7 @ Noahhh!  shitposting with you was fun, shame we never got that project done.

    1. Noahhh!


      It was a good ride for sure. Yes, that project would have been awesome. I wish that I had the time to do it my friend. Honestly, I recommend that you speak with the wiki team (especially @ AmericanWaffle ) to see if that project can still become a reality.

  8. I was the guy flying the heli lol. Also, the only people who need to value their life are medics and cops when outnumbered 3/1 and being explicitly told to surrender by armed people. On Olympus, fail RP is maliciously using a rule or game mechanic to circumvent RP and its clearly spelled out in the rules e.g. taking a restrained player to a redzone to kill them. It's also not exploiting as it's not using a fault in the server or game mechanic to gain an advantage e.g. putting a gun through the floor and there is no expectation of valuing your life in combat outside of not purposefully crashing to evade capture/your stuff being seized.
  9. Clearly fake news, I should be #180 for top global ladders but steam ladder includes people with 1000 less hours than me.
  10. That's some major crackhead energy right there, I'd say 6-8 is better because you have enough time to react and hit alt + f10 but unless you report 100% of the time, keeping 15 minute HD clips will destroy your storage.
  11. Gz @ Lime  I have no doubts you'll excel in your new role!


  12. Submit an appeal for the ban, if a specific staff member replies then try to arrange a specific time/date with them. As for being in TS, staff are in TS all the damn time, but like people have pointed out with a few exceptions no one's getting paid to do this. I get waiting sucks but if you have a complex issue, for both admins and devs it's not worth the hassle and bickering that ensues a lot of the time. If you were playing another game, doing paperwork or just chilling with your friends would you drop everything to tend to a complex case?
  13. Thanks for the clarification, checked the wiki but it wasn't listed as a sgt gun. But yeah, looking at the firepower Sergeant has I'd wager the supply of new Type115s is close to nonexistent.

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