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  1. FaXe

    WTS items

    how mutch for huron?
  2. FaXe

    Selling Tasers

    ------Only got mar10's left------ -----2.1m each----
  3. FaXe

    WTS items

    20k and a donut ur dad glazed for everything
  4. FaXe

    Selling Tasers

    2 x mar 10 2.3m each 14 x mx 220k each
  5. whole point of having houses is to use them for shit , now people aint going to be able to and are going to be stuck playing s1 where they basically have to start fresh , its basically fucked alot of players over
  6. hold it for abit and irl get it off you
  7. FaXe

    WTB tazers

    got 1 type and 2 mar10 tasers want offers
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