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  1. Harles

    where can i sign this guy
  2. Harles

  3. Harles

    i cant believe u kept going with this pffffttttttt, like honestly everyone take things so seriously, but i got all u fuckers :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  4. Harles

    listen man all im saying is it works on my nmd and other servers so u find a fix obv not buddy there working on other servers
  5. Harles

    u obv know nothing. i was just using today on pvp server tanking. with carrier lite. ur fking dumb kid shhh
  6. Harles

    think what u want buddy. ur dumb pls dont talk to me
  7. Harles

    no its not lol nmd and other servers have it working just fine. all it is, is just laziness
  8. Harles


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