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  1. God forbid people have to play ArmA how it should be played.
  2. RIP donation goal, well done @DashTonic

  3. Yeah bitches, give that suppressor to me! I'll give you $500k for a 9mm
  4. Don't worry, I would've banned myself if I pressed ban
  5. heh yeah, was that when me ares stigjuan and wabbit stacked 4 blackfishes over Kavala?
  6. Would I say it to a blackfish? No but I've texted one to get the hell out of my airspace or get titaned... Silly fool came back and thought I was trippin... bitch be dead now.
  7. Damn obfuscation
  8. OBS, Plays.TV (pls no this shit sucks ass), dxtory. If you're recording to report, have your buffer at like 6 minutes so when you die at 4:40 of your 5 minute video we don't deny it =))))
  9. @Peter Long if you were a woman I'd lick your butt

    - @McDili

    1. Joel


      I'd do it if we was a man. 

    2. Bow


      Peter just said "fuck me daddy"

  10. You're an arma bug
  11. 15,000 members, well done @Juan

  12. uh, sounds like something that should be done on the dev server. Just give everyone 100k paychecks and just let them spend time on the server fighting at cartels with no rules. If there is any truth to this theory then you should post it on the Bohemia forums.