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  1. Lol, hell naw. Do you know how many Tim's and Jim's there are? I'd appreciate saving precious processing power on the database server for the altis life servers.
  2. WEDDING?! I thought you was one of those solo riders with a strong right arm.
  3. I love the new drifting, can do it at high speed now. Too bad all the sounds suck.
  4. And therein lies the problem. ArmA isn't very descriptive when it comes to error logs.
  5. Why not? I don't give a fuck if you know I sit in Kavala all day paying my tickets or that I do meth runs. If I want my live stats public that should be my choice, and if I only want them updated once per week then thats also my choice.
  6. Start a poll so you can all come to some kind of agreement. Otherwise I'm gonna leave it at 1 week.
  7. Thought about it, but would require an in-game option to toggle it unless you want to make a new ticket subject for it?
  8. Okay, now your individual stats will only update once per week.
  9. This isn't even a problem? You just open the wanted list and go through every player. The wanted list is only updated once per day anyway.
  10. Hello, people. New features: Stats, duh See below Player stats comparison Compare your stats with another players stats and see who has the biggest epenis of them all Most wanted list Find out who the most wanted players are, and try to claim them More spying data (players) Did you know, we spy on what you do? Cool well unlike Facebook you can't opt-out of it, we're gonna know how many bombs you planted and how much meth you sold and there is nothing you can do about it. Detailed statistics (history) Same as above, also including annotation of updates/hotfixes so now you can really put facts in your statements when you say "But nobody does oil anymore, wah wah wah". Updated Time & Money graphs Your time and money will now be merged into one graph to keep it tidy, money on the left side, time on the right side. Vigilante Tier Your vigilante tier will now be shown on the stats page, along with how many arrests you have. Remember this resets if you are arrested, have your license taken away or buy a rebel license.
  11. I watched the whole thing
  12. But its not funny
  13. Take a note from the big gangs, only give everyone rank 1 unless they actually need a higher rank
  14. That's nice dear

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