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  1. LOL this is funny but yes he was invisible the whole time was not able to see him the civilians kept saying he was right there but still was not able to see him and died out of the blue also have been having dsync issues lately for some odd reason could be due to my son watching netflix on the smart tv but believe me ive done worse with visible players lmao.
  2. Try under 20 when server full and when im in kavala try less than 12 plus im trying to record.This simply doesnt work out very well.When first started this game it was fine and now it seems to have became worse.
  3. no no this was just a hostage situation but we decided to run from mushroom processor and we lost them for over three mins then they all of a sudden show up where we were landed to repair the chopper which they had to re engage rp since it was such a long time but then we left and got away again and flew south and back north to rebel outpost and they find us again after about another 8 mins so i think someone or somehow they were being tipped but not sure.
  4. So was in kavala the other day and decided to lockpick a apd hatchback which isnt worth crap or i must say a measly 14k but anyway thought it would be cool to get a car full of noobs and run around and show them how its done.Ended up being chased by NASCAR clan and the apd and to beat it all the nascar clan got busted instead of us lol.Then was able to save one of the noobs from two coppers at one point.We ended up getting in my iffrit and running around trying to kill some peeps and being chased some more before finding a chopper next to marijuana processor and it was stuck in a tree so wth i pushed the tree over i mean i have a iffrit what else could work out for us ?>.../? So i let the noob get my lockpicks and finally lockpick the chopper and repaired it for him as well but to no prevail since we were camped by potp the whole time waiting for us to fix the dag gumb chopper but anyway the point being this noobie had a blast and that just made my day.I mean they may be annoying sometimes and ask tons of questions but if your not making them get in trouble then they are not learning right?LMao alot of people get on this game and have no background of any fps and are clueless and its like a kid opening up a batman toy at christmas when a person rolls up in a rebel offroad or iffrit or steals a cop car and says lets go dude picking peaches is small time i need a robin(meaning batmans sidekick for dummies) even though they could not even be able to drive in real life and im either scaring the sh** out of them or turning them into a kavala troll and there butthole is the size of a needle at some points in time but its all good i pay their bail as well.. LOL... Also took two other noobies out the day before and we decided to fly around first trying to rob people who were robbing the gas stations then trying to find some peeps at processing.Which we were able to kill a few and the noobs got their first blood.Well then i also was able to show them how not to land a chopper on a vehicle spawn post that turned the chopper sideways and blew us all up so that was some learning as well always have to show them how not to do things right lol... Anyway took them out in the new bench seat chopper which ended up in a chase from a little bird by the ® clan that ended up killing one of our noobs and a high speed chase to which i have no clue how they found us at oil trader trying to repair then again at the rebel base its almost like someone was giving us up not sure how but anyway the show up at rebel and we are able to shoot them down which is +1 for noobs team and also kill another guy running around in his hatchback who kills our other noob but end up with my chopper garaged and two vehicles and a katiba.The main thing is they all had fun and was a good learning experience to all plus an all around big win for the Ghost Ops...
  5. best laugh in a long time thank you much
  6. a few of the streamers may have a stream recording that has the map in it but not looking through them to see if they saved a video
  7. Well was able to find my way to jail today ... Ended up being broke out and it wasnt until i left the door that i was charged with jail break and the 75k bounty.Now if we are to stay im not sure if the timer keeps timing down i wasnt paying attention i was blown away by the 16 people that broke me out.Poor apd officers that were on duty which was just 3 of them had one heck of a sight rolling up to the entrance.Also over 14 different rifles shooting makes it difficult for those cadets trying to make a buck.
  8. So here is what i was asked and im not sure of this myself since i have never been in jail the entire time i have been on olympus.Plus the new jail and the jail breaks is what this question pertains to anyways. Ok.... what if i was in jail and someone initiates a jail break do i get charged with jail break automatically or does it happen when i leave the door? Also if i stay in the building and do not leave the door does my time stay going or if the officer fixes the door and i stayed in what happens or should i just stay around and let the officer maybe give me a pardon which prob will not work since the break ......anyways idk what happens and i was asked this earlier So an example would be if the jail break was successful and i stay in the building and not leave will i get charged with jail break?Also will my time stay the same since i didnt leave or does the jail break just go ahead and start this all over.I know if i jail break and then get put back the last time i had plus the extra time with the new charge of jail break adds up and starts over if im not mistaken that this was told to me.. Can any jail birds elaborate or any known escapees help with this question.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.
  9. As in every role play situation when someone wants to raise their voice when im trying to tell them something or cut me off when im trying to do my job on the server then i have to try and stay in role play and if not then im not going to listen to someone and ill proceed to my processing but i will say since this was a rinky dink reason he was cutting everything i say off because i didnt say im an apd officer after he was looking right at me and hiding i got mad at the end of the process to try and get him to listen but i apologized and he was ok with it.Ricky Spanish i get yelled at all day and if i raise my voice or do anything wrong ill apologize and as i told you i have expressed myself on the server and i carry myself as a better person that you promoted me to be and im very aware of the rules as to show that im in the apd.When im wrong ill apologize just as if you have a job and do something wrong or a girlfriend then you have to keep on the right side of the road.Just let us do our job and if we do something wrong then just tell us one time not 50 billion blue times over and over when im trying to talk and you cant throw a rock in a pond and expect to get grass so dont expect me to be perfect.
  10. yes i understand what your saying snake and i actually abide by the rules and try to show responsibility to the cadets.I end up not saying im an apd officer and tell someone just to put his hands up and the guy makes a big deal out of it and wants a pardon.These pardons are a joke and i just wanted to talk about it to get it off my mind.Im also going to say ive seen alot of rules bent and broke by all officers but we all can fix this and go about our way because either sometimes we are just having fun or sometimes our actions that relate to being an apd officer end up hurting someone and we have to comp or so on.In my mind when this happened was that the guy was already running away from the other officer and was looking right at me and hiding behind our truck when i told him to put his hands up and reaction was he already knows who i am but from now on ill always say apd first even though that makes me feel as a robot now.
  11. also tekcub i wasnt saying i send them to jail only after warnings i was saying after there third attempt to the same arrest or bounty but other than that we have complaints everyday but if i was on and someone is messing with the doors or blocking spawn im all over it i hate someone who trys to ruin the experience of another on purpose and not accident.We are only able to do so much and we are all learning still and we could use stuff like this that we talk about on the forums especially when im trying to help or train a cadet and ill be able to tell him how to respond to a 911 call but everyone is different and or perfect plus we do not know everyone and how they are
  12. These are questions due to the fact that the server has new rules and every rule has different aspects to it that are not explained in the rule its self and also gameplay changes such as people have an epidemic recently of wanting pardons and also we have many people wanting to know this so its rude that your on here pointing me out for no reason because i want to know more and if you want a robo cop then go to the dump and pick scraps but leave your ego at home plz
  13. ok well ill just quit asking questions then but when the server has updates and rule changes or role backs ill need to be updated by the higher ups and im going by the rules and if i do not know a rule or not aware then i refrain from it until im able to find someone who can fill me in but i will say i find it rude that you say im supposed to know everything because im a constable as well or anyone else who is a constable and if i cant ask questions that i cant get fixed while in game since there is to much going on or its a simple question as the ones im asking for an opinion on the forums i dont expect a higher up to say im not good enough to be a constable or any other constable on this server just because we want to know more.I feel that some people use there power with there feelings and forget to leave that at home when they are doing there job.
  14. Anyway way you go your going to end up paying over 200 for intel and over 100 for amd but intel has far better performance than amd.My best advice would be get something on black friday and new egg has tons of deals but if you have never built a comp then ill tell ya now there is more to it than what the fine print says on the products.With todays games and how they are progressing and more labor intensive on your computer then its best to get the bang for your buck.With the card you have and the money available to buy a processor,memory,and a cpu the 3.4ghz black edition amd processors are a great deal and seem to be a great idea and if that route is the way you will go for just buy a quad or six core.Also remember the memory is very vital when buying a mobo because if your to go with amd there is no reason to overclock because these cpu get hot so find a board that will run the memory at least i say at least over 1333 mhz no lower for arma 3.Same with a intel board which most of the boards that run ddr3 memory run at that mhz so no worries.The big thing is though if you ask anyone which to pick either intel or amd they will all say intel intel intel intel.... If i was you i would drop the money in the new gen i5 to save a bit of money if your just going to use the rig for gaming but get the quad core which should be just under 200 bucks without tax around black friday and also get 8gb no less since the newer games are requiring this much now adays.Never go cheap on a board but go for the warranty and pay a little bit extra.Also no matter what you do get a liquid cooler (such as this one)( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103195&cm_re=liquid_cooler-_-35-103-195-_-Product)and make sure there are enough fans blowing in and out of the computer case because its so easy to spend the life on the cpu and if you keep it cool enough this will last you for over 10 years unles something happens which hopefully you bought with warranty.Then after you have spent your money to play the game the card is good enough for the video aspect but if you want to upgrade the card later on then the beef is already there. My build is: 1st gen i5 clarksdale 3.2 ghz 655k MSI h55m-E21 Socket 1156 (found this for $50 refurbished since my evga p55 micro is no longer in service but great intel mobos) Corsair 8gb running at 1333 Nvidia GeForce 570gtx (fermi) Im able to run the game with all high settings and even the anti alliasing and all in the morning from 30-40 fps easy but during the nights when most are on im running from 17-25 fps no matter if my settings are on high or not but my internet is so slow ive got at&t and have 6mb down and 600kb upload and this is very slow but the computer runs the game great.The only thing i do not like is im not able to run battlefield 4 on high but his is the first gen i5 and there is a big difference between the 1st and 2nd so your going to do better than this other than my card is blowing smoke down 4 lanes instead of 2 with a 384 bit card kind of like a quad core which will help if you are wanting to run labor intensive physx games but not needed because with the money in hand go with getting this game playable and fun and not waste money so what you put in it is what you will get out of it and the price shows what you are paying for most of the time.

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