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  1. Its a bullet difference for shitty 6.5 and below
  2. 9mm t3- 5 bullets t2-3 bullets
  3. The only reason you want it is for fashion so why would we hurt new/inexperienced players for 33 players to look good.
  4. Remember these are upcoming changes and additions - some of these will take some time to implement. General Move Neochori vigi south of oil trader (https://imgur.com/a/sVUzHfB) @Silton Cartels Change current heroin cap back to house until a better cap is made that doesn't freeze your game @Truthy If you're inside of a conquest zone and die to yourself or a bug you can spawn at conquest rebels, you must have a gun. @silver Scats If a player with a GPS becomes restrained, a marker will be placed on the map to show where they were "last seen". Only your group members/gang members would be able to see it; almost the same as the death marker. @GoonThe13Yearold Remove vehicles that have been sitting on a spawn point for 1 minute. @GoonThe13Yearold Annoying to have cars on spawn that get stuck there for a restart or until medic comes Runs Include the max and minimum price for each run item in the Y menu below the current price @TheHeroNoob Add Plane DP mission titles @Mason Harrison @TheHeroNoob Flying Ace - 25 Captain of the Clouds - 50 Barry Seal - 100 Vigis Allow bolt cutters to break restrained players out of handcuffs. Reduce time to unrestrain players in handcuffs while using bolt cutters by 25%. @duanty_lake_23 Increase price of bolt cutter to 5k. Adds another usage to bolt cutters, can be lost every time you die. Add markers where bones spawn when a player combat logs. @haleychu Allows players to find bones easier and helps all players find bones when the restrained player combat logs in a heli. Mark where bones are placed for the person who last touched them/restrained them. APD Roundtable Add PDW2000 to Deputy (hgun_PDW2000_Holo_F) Ability to change hex icons from current rank--> lower (ex: SGT can do SGT-->CORP-->PO-->DEP) to clarify, SGT+ able to do this Active sAPD only In public channels only Must only be used to perform undercover duties More bait vehicles and variants of them i.e. HEMTT Box, Transport, Tempest Transport etc... More undercover vehicle variants Offroad (Comms, Covered, Norm), Jeeps Y Menu option to disable "Load Lethals" Crowded scroll menu when trying to do most activities, doesn't completely disable lethals as you can still use the custom keybind to toggle lethals Change Scout plane rule change, exception added. Exceptions: During 100% certainty of high gang activity a scout plane is allowed to be pulled, Warzone does not get affected P90 to Corporal+ When it was released it was overhyped and isn't even comparable to a Type115 or Spar-16S R&R Roundtable Add SDV (click) to help with water rescue aimed to help with rescue of civilians who fall off boats into deep water currently civilians could request 10+ times if they have no re-breather and swim slow example of use: rebel with normal land kit dies off side of carrier -> gets revived -> gets in SDV-> SDV acts as patient transport to surface/ shallow water area no skin needed eliminates medics making ridiculous off one revive call due to repeated drowning deaths Add Blue Wave do-rag (bandanna) for S&R+ LC rank 4+ Add infinite use to medic tool kits charge medic each use ($1,000+ charged to medic) per use to keep "money sink" RnR Go-Karts for staff+ LC rank 5+ RnR Flare Guns for staff+ LC rank 5+ May be used as a tool of RP Cannot be fired at players/ used irresponsibly etc. Change Director rank title to "Dr. Squatch" Staff RoundTable Add Ability to own gas stations for a server restart. Would cost between 50k and 250k depending on the location of the gas station. Would allow the owner to receive 50% in profits off of the total amount of items sold. If the gas station is robbed, then you lose the money. Allows for a money dump but also a good chance of making money. More robbery type events around the map. These need to be tweaked and flushed out, but overall I like the concept of this. Think of these as "buffed" gas station robberies, that have more risk but more rewards. Small events and things around the map to make money. These all make the server more fun and are meant for newer players and act stepping stones to federal events. Few possibilities Drug Smuggler Event Boat with drugs that is driving towards the island with some sort of NPC. Cops and civs can fight over it to get the drugs Small amount of money, 500k to 1 mil Passive event that happens at certain intervals, i.e. every hour Encourages naval warfare and another fun way to make money Art Gallery Robbery Basically robbing paintings from a place Different timers depending on the price of painting These can be sold for money House robberies You are able to break down the door of some houses around the map Have to use a crowbar or some sort of special item that differentiates breaking down doors form robbing Once you have broken a door with a crowbar a crate spawns with some drugs or maybe salvage stuff in it. Not too much money, again just another gas station robbery type event. These are just preliminary ideas, but I think the server definitely needs some more interactive events to do around the map. Change Progressive title system that leads to 25% chance of car alarm not sounding when planting speed bomb Replace Armed Prowler with AT Jeep for BW Loot pool Getting an "upgraded" .50cal from BW is a little disheartening for people completing them and a boom jeep would be refreshing to see cruising through Kavala Armed Prowler added to Rebel Vehicle shops 1.75M 1M more than the Offroad it has a slower max speed but more armor and a secondary LMG(SPMG). Armed Qilin price reduced from 2M to 1.25M It isn't worth 2M when you can buy a .50 for less than half the price and perform better in every way. Change the amount of money you get from bank depending on the amount of cops and ranks of cops. You should not be rewarded for winning a bank vs. non lethals as much as winning against lethals. You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:
  5. Why is this possible

  6. image.png.b26ed8a88f5dbd91ffc31408e60568d4.png

    Kid must've been banned 2 years ago or we have a miracle on our hands.

    1. Iceman


      Not gonna lie, I was scrolling through teamspeak just seeing who was where and I saw that and thought to myself "Ouch he's pretty fucked" hahaha

    2. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      Actually surprisingly the ban was placed last night lmfao.

    3. Ryan


      It is in fact a miracle 馃檪


    1. Kedar
    2. YaBoiNate


      This is just as stupid if not more stupid than my support team app getting denied for "concerns"

  8. 2 mk18 tasers 1 mk1 taser promet sg t5 vest 5.8 suppressor hmu with offers
  9. Remember these are upcoming changes and additions - some of these will take some time to implement. Civilian Roundtable Cartels 路 Owning arms cartel reduces the cost of warpoint weapons/gear by the same 15%, the warpoints disappear, rather than being put into a gang bank. @Truthy Scats 路 Chance of getting more contraband (random between 1-4) @ivy 路 Add titles for lethal injection uses @Raquese Vein Popper - 10 used Planned Parenthood - 25 used Harmacist - 50 used Touch of Death - 100 used Runs 路 Add WPL titles and perks for legal items sold (in line with other rebel/vigi titles and perks) @TheHeroNoob Legal Lover - 1k sold - 0% price reduction for WPL gear Pocket Protector - 5k sold - 2.5% price reduction for WPL gear Open Carrier - 15k sold - 5% price reduction for WPL gear Rook Banger - 50k sold - 10% price reduction for WPL gear 路 Change platinum pro to make it look better / more defendable @TheHeroNoob Vigis 路 Invisible carryall backpack to all - double the price of a normal backpack @haleychu 路 Add GPS Tracker to Vigi Market (only normal, not enhanced) @duanty_lake_23 Feds 路 Reduce the cost of repairing a destroyed gang shed from $1.5m to $1m @Noahhh! 路 Change Pharma 130% payout to 150% @SuWooP. General 路 Allow war invites to be disabled @Joce APD Roundtable 路 Add flaregun to Sgt+ 路 Add unarmed Jeep to Deputy+ 路 Add skate helmets to Patrol Officer+ Skate helmets are only authorized for quad bike patrols (exception: sgt.+ may utilize Skate Helmets at any time) 路 Add prowler to corp+ 路 Titans fired should show the shooter鈥檚 name even if it misses 路 Rule change for guns hot on Illegal Vehicles/APD Strider & Hunter to include stolen RnR Hunter & Strider 路 Ghosthawk guns hot on medical personnel after bomb blows at Federal Events - clean shots only - potential revisit if abused to kill civs 路 Add Carrier GL Rig to Sgt. clothing shop 路 Remove NW gate hescos, knockable walls near circles (https://files.zahzi.us/screenshots/aLuskCPQ_1589752402.png) 路 If you are in a tagged gang, anyone in your tagged gang is engaged with the cops (unless the civilian is clearly not participating in the situation/engagement) 路 Add titans to counter blackfishes that are clearly participating in federal events, not during any means for sgt+ or anything else Use different variant than available at rebel, different message in chat to indicate APD titan Staff Roundtable 路 Add garage to pharma drop off points @Outcast 路 Add Blackfoot to Admin Menu @Outcast 路 Invisible bergen backpack - 2x bergen price @Mako 路 Explosive charge changes @Mako Large Explosive IED added to rebel weapon shops for 350k Explosive charge price reduced from 325k to 190k Slam price reduced from 250k to 200k 路 Animations @Mako Add shrug emote to Shift Num 1 Acts_Ambient_Approximate Add facepalm emote to Shift Num 2 Acts_Ambient_Facepalm_2 Add X emote unarmed Shift Num 4 Acts_JetMarshallingEmergencyStop_loop Add helicopter arms unarmed emote Shift Num 7 Acts_JetsMarshallingEnginesOn_loop Add no go emote to unarmed Shift Num 5 Acts_JetMarshallingEnginesOff_loop Add big wave emote to unarmed Shift Num 9 Acts_JetsMarshallingClear_loop Replace Shift Num 7 Acts_Rifle_Operation_Barrel Replace Epi pen and Dopamine shot animations Acts_TreatingWounded02 Replace Medic revive animation Acts_TreatingWounded01 Replace repair vehicle animation Acts_carFixingWheel Replace animation Acts_EpicSplit Replace giving dopamine animation and shorten time to administer AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_medicUp1 路 Blackwater vehicles spawn with Tier 4 speed instead of 0 @Civak 路 Add respawn confirmation (for staff and non-staff) 路 Rule updates @Zahzi Gangs should not be able to own more than 1 shed on each server 9. Death ends the engagement. Anyone who is revived by a medic or epi-pened must engage/be re-engaged. Exception: When two tagged gangs are in an active engagement (with player(s) on both sides alive), tagged players of either gang that get revived whilst the engagement is still active do not need to re-engage. Example: Gangs tagged [A] and are in an active engagement, with players on each side alive. An [A] gang member gets revived. That [A] gang member does not need to re-engage any of the members, and is considered engaged with the members. 路 Add ballistic shield to armed offroads @Mako 路 $2m .50 cal plane @Mako 路 Shooting people through towers is not bannable if sticking through due to lag or negligence @Zahzi 路 Reduce medic slots to 12 @ThatNerdyGuy 路 Re-enable advanced flight controls, set higher mass to prevent faster climbing, script to prevent switching @Zahzi You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:
  10. So uh聽@Kamikaze聽I got a comp request pending...

  11. Imagine being a cartel gang then camping therisa before warzone conquest lmao

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. silver


      we had seven on cap yesterday and the day before.

      we'd fight when you guys are on more but we can't mass log as good as plague

    3. Cale


      you were there way longer than 15 minutes because u were camping it before i logged on, killed me there, waited my nlr out and you will still there

    4. swervy


      @silver聽if yall want fights all u have to do is msg one of us on steam we dont log on oly unless there are聽people to fight

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