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  1. What this server coming to, im remember the good days before shit hit the fan and all my niggas got banned, now retards be on the block acting like they the shit when really they aint, people need to be getting a life, its a game, dont take shit so seriously jeeze

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    2. Fushigi


      1 hour ago, JudgesGG said:

      damn this the realest shit I ever read, you just a real nigga straight thug my g. some times you just gotta pull up to pull down g shit unplug to plug in im sayin breh put numbers in google fuckin real shit niggah

      ty you have made my day

    3. Aether


      What the fuck did I just read lmao???

    4. Pledge


      53 minutes ago, Fushigi said:

      ty you have made my day

      me too.

  2. You weren’t gonna get promoted, waste of 1 year and nine months
  3. All these randoms break my heart, taking my ideas
  4. Look at the people who down voted lol, 24/7 players no lives
  5. Im coming after you @Grandma Gary, i have not forgotten the time you suicide vested me at rebel and then CAME TO MY LITTLE RETREAT AND TRIED ARRESTING ME BUT BLEW ME UP, somethings are never forgotten, you can turn yourself into me or get FUCKED by 200 big black men

    1. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      I'm gonna let @Colt take my punishment.  After the cucking I give him I am confident that if anyone can survive the antics of 200 big black men it's him.

    2. Colt


      um yea bring ur best bud, I can withstand millions worth of cucks a day.

  6. Im looking for people with coke addictions
  7. Hi, im new to olympus and was wondering if anyone wanted to be my friend?
  8. SOrry whO ar3 u xD
  9. im high as fuckk rn and cant stop thinking bout this
  10. Weed helps
  11. Ive been resurrected from my coke glory to come back and make olympus great again, people out ere saying what ive been saying since day one of my campaign 4 months ago, im back

    1. MrBoonie


      Best of luck.

  12. whose idea was vehicle crafting but every mother fucker I said it to said nah they would never implement it

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    2. Dαnte


      Vehicle crafting has been brought up on and off since I joined this server. We just finally decided to do it. 

    3. DashTonic
    4. DeadPool


      I had no say in this or what you can even craft soooo

  13. It’s time for a change


    1. Panera


      nigga didnt you quit

    2. Mr Majestic

      Mr Majestic

      several times?

    3. Ludde


      Have you seen me on @Panera or @Mr Majestic


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