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  1. Assent will not be able to fight for next hour, please pm if you would like to after

    1. i Andrew

      i Andrew

      fu rat ass kid

  2. #Follow4Follow

    1. Dante


      No thx 

  3. Who wants to be part of a Fantasy Football league for Football World Cup 2018

  4. @Jesse ETA ON UPDATE

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    2. Genghis Khan

      Genghis Khan

      Never @ 


    3. Aunt Jemima

      Aunt Jemima

      whats gonna be in the new update? titles?

    4. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      An vehicle crafting.

  5. @TheCmdrRex I give 5/5 rating on roleplay to @Xeltini , first police officer ive seen to actually roleplay with me since your post (except me roleplaying)

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    2. Proud


      @Pledge I would leak it, but I know I don't like it when rats have my snap so I'm not a dick, if he gives me confirmation then I gotchu

    3. Savage


      Nah Xeltini is a fire cook, always posting shit on snap I would eat anyday, not only that but he is also has 2 dogs that r some of the cutest shits I've ever seen

    4. Kden


      Should of helped the boy out and accidentally pressed your spikestrip hotkey mid processing,

      easy pardon

  6. Ludde

    Kneepadding begins
  7. Ludde

    What’s the real reason he left then
  8. Ludde

    Colt, don’t make me smack you, what actually happened
  9. Ludde

    Why deadpool leave? Trident still gonna fight cartels?
  10. Ludde

    why does he have a neck
  11. Anyone else think tanoa should be brought back for summer?

  12. Why change your name to A8 and join serenity just so people don’t know who you are?

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    2. Ludde


      @Ski Mask The Tap God what did I steal except killing ghost killer because he is retarded and was making up bullshit about me


      Edited by Ludde
    3. Ski Mask The Tap God

      Ski Mask The Tap God

      @Ludde Stole his titan rockets that he was transporting

    4. Ludde


      @Ski Mask The Tap God yeah I literally just said I did, well technically I didn’t steal them but ran off with them and you guys killed me with the backpack filled with them so I don’t know what to call that :happygary:

  13. @Jesse Any updates on when crafting is gonna be out?

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    2. Unjo


      12 shreks

    3. Jesse


      It's currently done. Due to it being so close the start of this coming month, Kurt and I discussed last night just making the one update contain both titles and crafting. Otherwise, we have to split up our development branch and take just certain things. At this point will be a lot easier to just release both at the same time.

    4. Ludde


      @Jesse early release for next update then yeah? xD


    @Peter Long @McDili

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    2. kev
    3. Deadpool


      When people stop ddosing

    4. Google


      The Google CQC Administration Team is looking into a fix for this.

  15. Ludde

    Nigga, you say shit bout ddosing people, rope yourself.

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