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  1. Jerrod is a convicted ddoser, and has been banned since Oct. 29. I believe that shutting one's internet in order to win a fight in Arma 3 is quite drastic, and I condemn Jerrod's actions. Several people have recently been unbanned, and many think Jerrod's ban should be lifted. However, a general warning to the Olympus community about Jerrod is that he is still an avid ddoser. I strongly advise the Olympus staff to keep this ban in effect due to the very likely repercussions that would occur from unbanning Jerrod.

  2. Noliver

    s1 frog house

    Il sell it for a mil
  3. Noliver

    s1 frog house

    off the thread if ur not buying it
  4. https://gyazo.com/36c3147888d377564c06121260c812df Its 2 crater Looking for offers Im on hurry with selling this house

    1. vedalkenn


      are you going to say the n word on stream again?


    2. Burrows


      1 hour ago, Vedalkenn said:

      are you going to say the n word on stream again?


      the what word, say it pussy.

  6. Right now I got a guy buying it for 8mil. if anyone offers more then yeah
  7. would prolly sell it for 8
  8. https://gyazo.com/663e494e6b02f5f50a69df6d3e29f437
  9. Dp23 4 crater Looking for offers
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