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  1. -1 whats the point of them if you're just going to turn them into cash?
  2. bois rip we've been exposed
  3. Anyone else getting stuck at 0% loading screen?
  4. Disable me too please
  5. lol the post right above you offered another million why would you post a lower offer??
  6. tbh this could easily go for more than that gl selling it don't let yourself get lowballed
  7. Oh also having less deaths/ war deaths should give you the green arrow not the red one
  8. I agree with what you're saying an ability to set some of the stats to private so people can't see what runs you do most often would be nice.
  9. I've got a 1 crater on arms road not sure if I want to sell it yet. PM me and I can get you screenshots
  10. I know its not 1.2 more like 1 mill max tbh
  11. Mk1 Price?
  12. Mk1 price?
  13. awwww yeah love the names update
  14. looking for either 0 or 1 craters to spawn in

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