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  1. Tryhard

    Bump. 5mil for 7.62 500k for the 5.56 500k 5.8
  2. Tryhard

    Some suggestions. Get the old GW mission file or something like it to stop people from buying shit they aren’t supposed to and so that they spawn at the gearing location. Give every gang that participates that does not reach 3rd place 5mil in gang funds to hopefully increase participation. What Drama did was unacceptable, over 100 players had been waiting hours to play and he was more concerned with his time and not the event he was putting on. I’d recommend not letting him host in the future.
  3. No timer and whats with the csats and mk200s?

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    2. thor


      and the t5 vests

    3. Skys


      a cluster fuck 


    4. Evann


      shit gang wars

  4. Tryhard

    5 first round byes when you didnt even fill in the first round? Why not bring 2 teams down to get an extra game in? nvm it would require another team. just looks weird
  5. Tryhard

    mfw I get mass downvoted
  6. Tryhard

    All this to keep DD from playing. I wouldnt worry about it though. Prime or TI are gonna win anyway.
  7. Tryhard

    5m for 7.62 and 500k for 5.56
  8. Tryhard

    Only counter to an armored heli with miniguns is spending an equal amount on a launcher and rockets to shoot it down. Maybe remove the armed hawk and buff cops in other ways......
  9. Cops coming to warzone for every fight its actually so aids...... 

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    2. Bojo


      Coplympus :Kappa:

    3. DashTonic


      I like textin them random stuff

    4. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      Ez kills and ez warpoints...

  10. Tryhard

    Still taking offers otherwise I will sell it to @Legion23966 tomorrow
  11. You know its bad when Plague can finish a blackwater

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    2. swervy


      u n d e f e a t e d

    3. Drippp


      You know it’s bad when TI gets carried by the plague boys

    4. Jaster


      Don't let @Zurph and I remind you about the Enemy vs Plague fights. Straight embarrassing....

  12. Tryhard

    Not playing until the staff start listening. Need some unbans and the cops out of warzone

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