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  1. Congrats @Mita on corp!!!!!! 1500 hours payed off

    1. Mita


      Thank you :D Hell yeah it didd!

  2. Congrats @decla on FTO!

  3. Congrats @Phunky on corp!:happygary:

  4. you was at the club

    1. Rexo
    2. Epic Minecraft Style

      Epic Minecraft Style

      bottoms up when i first met you

  5. Rexo

    Thin mints all day.
  6. Rexo

    O7 scribble. Enjoy the travels! Can’t wait to watch the vlogs
  7. Rexo

    Third time is the charm
  8. Rexo

  9. o7  medic told us his location  ;-;


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