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  1. Rexo

    I think its a cool idea but it has been brought up in the past a few times. I don't think it would fit in well but there are some very cool concepts there.
  2. Rexo

    07 my dude. A real homie from me and @Mita
  3. Rexo

    07 Man you will be missed.
  4. HBD @GoodDustin Don't party too hard ;)

  5. Congrats on Sr Admin @Ryan

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    2. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      Why does yours have no skin?

    3. Cale


      7 minutes ago, KGB JOSH said:

      Why does yours have no skin?


    4. Rexo


      1 hour ago, KGB JOSH said:

      Why does yours have no skin?

      Bugged I think no clue

  6. Congrats @TheCmdrRex Took long enough. 

  7. My boy just hit 50 hours and is ready to play in the cs tournament! @millerfoe

  8. Congrats @ChrisGG. Well deserved 

  9. Rexo


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