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  1. hey u said to make a new one uinder the rigfht staff thing or what ever but how do i chose it? i chose ban appeal

    i dont know what else to chose

    1. Eggman
    2. waskilledby


      that what i did? ....... it had it set to ban appeal


    3. Eggman


      No you submitted a general inquiry

  2. Eggman

    Lol, then leave the area. Unless you're trying to fight cops near an hq, its gonna take them at least a couple of minutes to get back (referencing most processors and rebel outposts).
  3. Eggman

    Tazer script is being fixed, first of all. Second of all, anyone that has held the position of cpl or higher can tell you cop can get expensive. Third of all, just cause cops dont lose much money doesnt mean they are supposed to lose every fight.
  4. Eggman

    I would consider cop nlr the day that cops and rebels are on an equal playing field, cops are at a gear disadvantage (for the most part), a strategic disadvantage (there are a shit ton of cops, good luck organizing a group of people that have never talked before on a consistent basis), a rules disadvantage (cops are pretty much always limited by the rules and handbook), and a tactical disadvantage (for the most part cops are always pushing). Im all for balance, but this ain't it chief.
  5. Y'all are too much, I just spent 20 minutes trying to catch up on this forum drama while I should be watching a physics lecture.:lol:

    1. coolbean
    2. Google


      Don’t ddos me please. Oh wait it’s a fake website nvm you’re good.

  6. Going to be doing a "Capture the VIP" server event on server 2 in about 30 minutes after a derby event. EDIT: **SERVER 2**

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    2. Mighty


      11 hours ago, Prime said:

      Ahhh I heard the hawk made some people a little agitated, maybe y'all should of gotten that titan a little bit faster

      No titans were allowed. We tried several times and it always got denied by staff. 

      11 hours ago, Prime said:

      Rules were kos but I expected staff didn't foresee a hawk let alone having to add rules in the middle of the event.

      From the start, there was no body camping rule. Halfway through we said fuck it we are gonna do it cause we couldn't go one foot with your fucking hawk above us.


      In the end, I don't wanna get on peoples bad side. I was just voicing our side of the story.

    3. Prime


      @Mighty I agree we're aids as fuck and I always love hearing both sides but I feel like armed aerial vehicles will probably be banned from those types of events. The main reason we pulled it was to win. The second reason was to share some of that Hawk aids with APD 

    4. Mighty


      We wanted to pull a hawk too but lil @Hurricane is a beta bitch



      jk hurricane <3

  7. Running betting insurance, if both parties agree i will charge a 100% fee to the winning party and give 100% of the bet amount back to the losing party.  :Kappa:

    1. Elements.


      hey man so i kinda need my money back 76561198449986608 :) 

  8. Congrats @KGB JOSH on support team





    You're demoted :)

    1. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      o7 staff, was a good run

  9. Ligma 

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    2. NokiaStrong
    3. Evann


      Imagine Dragon

      Edited by Evann
    4. Jester



  10. Hbd @Rossco and @rapidaax

    1. Rossco


      Thanks Eggmasta!

    2. rapidaax


      thanks eggbot :happygary:

  11. Eggman

    Lol, dont think people understand the irony
  12. Eggman

    Im on it.
  13. I regret my decision to make a status update

    1. Mutiny


      I don't feel like coming to the phone today.

    2. Eggman


      I wish everyone would leave me alone.

    3. Soulz


      Sad boi hours

  14. Rest in Peace downvoting...

    1. maxg


      people care about E points that much?

    2. Hurricane






      U just got down voted 

    3. Bloodmoon
  15. #unjo4corp

    People with wooden teeth have been kept down long enough

    1. Zeuse



    2. Bongo Bongo Bongo

      Bongo Bongo Bongo

      Does he actually have wooden teeth?

    3. Zeuse

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