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  1. Happy Birthday @Grandma! Have a good one!

  2. Happy Birthday Support Team Eggman

  3. Happy Birthday scrub <3

  4. Happy birthday [Corporal][Adv. Paramedic] Eggman [VIP][Senior Support Team][FTO] 

  5. Congrats @Jamie, welcome to the team!

    1. Airborne


      2nd best response time

  6. That's what we go for
  7. Welcome, hope you enjoy your time on Olympus as much as I have. Good luck!
  8. @housekitty @Wong I'm on a plane for 2 hours and you guys go and Sgt, what's going on here!

  9. give me my support team back or else!

    1. Jakka


      yikes nigga


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