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  1. Happy birthday @Peter Long. Hope you have a good one!

  2. Eggman

    o7, it's been fun and cringy ever since patrolling Sofia together as PO's
  3. Great profile song, Led Zeppelin is my favorite band bro

  4. Eggman

    o7 my man
  5. Eggman

    o7 @King see you around
  6. Congrats @Fake Grandma!

    1. Fake Grandma
    2. Eggman


      Just now, Fake Grandma said:

      Congrats <3

      I think you mean thanks :P

    3. Fake Grandma

      Fake Grandma

      omg I just replied with "congrats" to like 10 people

  7. Eggman

    o7 you big dumb, best times have to be you alt f4ing after crashing like 8 helis (and yes I know it happened all the time)
  8. Eggman

    This was the issue with the Ifrit and Strider, and according to the changelog, the hunter remains untouched. The problem was basically 7.62 could wipe people inside of an armored vehicle with one mag. Now I haven't really tested the two vehicles since the patch but shooting out tires and popping through people through the glass should still be viable options. I don't see a problem with a 600 something thousand dollar vehicle tanking a mag of small arms fire but that's just me.
  9. Happy birthday @Arigato u big gay

    1. Arigato


      U big dumb gay :wub:

  10. Happy birthday @falcon have a good one.

    1. falcon


      thank eggmasta B)


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