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  1. so I hear tasers are gonna be updated. @TheCmdrRex wth are y’all gonna do for deputy’s they are gonna get completely ruined. How are y’all gonna balance this?
  2. To all who celebrate this holiday with their family, friends, or even you special others I hope your day is amazing take care Happy Easter ~Midnight Dream
  3. I realize I’m gonna see a lot of “this is why we need downvoting” and I don’t care bite me. why are people so toxic to the point I’ve been getting hit offline for the past f&@$ing week now like honestly I’m not the only one and this is sad to who ever continues to do this to me when I figure it out I hope you get permed I realize that this isn’t gonna fix the problem, but I wanna make the post now so it can be referred to later
  4. KllTA


  5. @Ares I know you will most likely never respond to this, but why was the downvoting button removed and what was the point. It’s becoming almost a meme for everyone. Please add it back and or respond Sincerely Midnight Dream
  6. KllTA


    @Ares this is what we request our Downvoting for I made this post today with interest to get this damn button back please dear god give it back
  7. KllTA


    Ouch I was honestly making a post about something that has been discussed before you can say whatever about downvoting but they most likely won’t add it back Trust me I’d love downvoting back too but Aries removed it
  8. KllTA


    I finally realize as a whitelisted player that the R&R is a 3rd party and ultimately chooses who wins a gang battle. Why is that honestly a rule that should be employed is a medic cannot revive players while there is gun shots. Anyone else i wanna add here this is a joke I was paid 2 dollars for this post and it was worth it
  9. I saw 2 things today 1. A package of true power and 2. A man cracked an egg on his head
  10. o7 to you and your future may it be easy
  11. https://gyazo.com/3ced89b6f96635f00e61e086470054df
  12. Yeah I'm still sorta tweaking my settings on my Yeti sorry about That...
  13. Please Watch the Full Video Gets better at the end:
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