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  1. o7 hope to see you around in support
  2. @Doofy Lets fix that for you Hop onto the server number 2 as an APD officer and find me on the TS3
  3. @Doofy I don't wanna be the PO that shoots you down, but well Imagine Deputy as a Free Trial to see if you like the APD scene and you like it you become a PO and Boom you just Paid for the Experience. You really shouldn't really be in a high speed chase with anyone. Kavala and other Rural areas are not meant for that. If you want to do High Speed Chases ride with me and I'll let you choose how the day goes ask @SaltyLance or @Cowboy for instance. All you really need is a PO willing to take the time and show you the Ropes! once that's done you are on your way to become a PO hope this helps
  4. @Jeron I believe there is a lot of potential for runs although I don't really see the bigger picture you are trying to paint here? What do you mean. there are really good Runs like Platinum for instance, but Illegal runs will always be a better choice because with risk comes more reward Also Betting is a choice for players by players If you don't want to bet Disable it under settings in game.
  5. Genuinely It depends on your own Moral @xToucan although there is a whole list of gangs here CLICK ME FOR LINK) where you might find some useful information about what other gangs believe are a good set of rules
  6. I like the Idea of vigilantes getting more stuff added to them, but this isn't unnecessary. If it was added I think it would really ruin some things with vigi's let alone they are already a meme so why make them easier to RDM?
  7. Except every and all pieces of constructive criticism thank you (honestly nothing offends me) You can try but nothing will work enjoy though I hope you enjoy the badges!
  8. So I was doing some looking around these puppies are supposed to release tomorrow, but well I'm kinda surprised I found em there still is one im missing though EASTER EGG TEAMSPEAK BADGES FOUND EM ALL HAHA Edit: This is meant to be an Easter Egg hunt. If anyone would like to participate TeamSpeak should be posting about it tomorrow. If you don't care and just want the badges, they've been moved into the spoiler below. -Civak
  9. so I hear tasers are gonna be updated. @TheCmdrRex wth are y’all gonna do for deputy’s they are gonna get completely ruined. How are y’all gonna balance this?
  10. To all who celebrate this holiday with their family, friends, or even you special others I hope your day is amazing take care Happy Easter ~Midnight Dream
  11. I realize I’m gonna see a lot of “this is why we need downvoting” and I don’t care bite me. why are people so toxic to the point I’ve been getting hit offline for the past f&@$ing week now like honestly I’m not the only one and this is sad to who ever continues to do this to me when I figure it out I hope you get permed I realize that this isn’t gonna fix the problem, but I wanna make the post now so it can be referred to later
  12. KllTA


  13. @Ares I know you will most likely never respond to this, but why was the downvoting button removed and what was the point. It’s becoming almost a meme for everyone. Please add it back and or respond Sincerely Midnight Dream
  14. KllTA


    @Ares this is what we request our Downvoting for I made this post today with interest to get this damn button back please dear god give it back
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