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  1. Horrible person. Went as far as he could to get me infistar global banned even though I haven't done a single thing to olympus server's. I started new on a different steam account. The bans on my other account were not related to Olympus Gaming.


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    2. Strafe


      dont cheat if you are going to bitch and moan about bans

    3. xDRO
    4. Masoooooooooon


      So you cheated and now you're mad that there was repercussions such as getting infi banned. Don't cheat if you this mad over a infi ban sped. 

  2. Not me It is, and I’ve been on th server for almost 3 years and never decided to make a forums account
  3. Bitch what put your hands up or die
  4. Yes, that’s true. But some people just come into kavala and said hands up or die to random civs every 5 minutes.
  5. You gotta think.. is Olympus really RP? Or is it Exile like? ive been here for about 2 years, and when I first joined the Olympus community all it was, was roleplay Kavala used to be protected by vigi’s and there was barely any gunfights. There was actual roleplay instead of ‘hands up or die’ as soon as you get into kavala. now it’s just ‘hands up or die’ instead of how are you doing today sir?’ Like what is that?
  6. Zahzi stop with the biased shit please..
  7. Yes yes kaboom moon fruit of the loom
  8. Oaywhqhq my gawd dude rip cop https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRwNZwJqbeoFJpYOpWtBEalepITHW5MBTI0fPNg_Acy1tgOq44QWw
  9. Rotor tapping is an unprofessional way to fly. I’m professional, I DONT try to kill myself
  10. No it doesn’t. How the fuck are you going to WALK into a window in ArmA 3? You mean jumping through it? This is a role play server!
  11. what do u call a black person flying a plane? A PILOT U FUCKING RACIST
  12. Skeet skeet bang bang can I have a quick 2 mil? Like can I srsly tho
  13. bahahaha lmfao Gary, can you please handle the whitelist applicant, server group on ts. Nobody has gotton interviewed for a fucking godamn week.
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