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  1. Kid is literally complaining that I asked how to be a better slam player, like sorry I want to better myself at the game, won’t ask next time just will do what you do and act like you’re the shit but in reality ur the reason we lost slam three times in two waves. But I guess we don’t talk about that, huh strange.
  2. D yeah fair, they chose setting a that favor single core preformance.
  3. More ab clock speed than it is # or cores.... that is for rendering and such Na, ur right I messed up I’m thinking the other way around my bad bby.
  4. AMD cpu for gaming but intel for productivity, editing, etc intel has hyper threading now but AMD is still ahead Bc of price for the gaming community.
  5. Can confirm, Rabid is currently inside Noahhh.... What a beautiful blossoming relationship those two have.
  6. Ok, I probably won’t be on till around 8pm est tonight so tmr might b better
  7. If I am allowed to carry it around on medic without it despawning I’d def buy it.
  8. I mean when I get home sure.
  9. Siege the Castle-Can we do this event again??? This was mad fun and shouldn’t have ended after the first one happened, was really looking forward to more of this... @Noahhh!
  10. @Grandma Gary this fool only has one hawk kekekekekek, we sittin ova here with thrice a hawk...
  11. Yeah naw, the people that get Corp have well earned it, if you are a PO with 300+ hrs and you haven’t gotten Corp it’s for a reason. Someone doesn’t like something that you are doing and they probably have a legitimate reason for it...
  12. You alr kno I’m fucking up some elephants in my free time
  13. I’m sorry what? Bro, if you shoot someone with a mar-10 and it takes more than three shots for them to die I don’t know what to tell you. However in my experience for most gear sets it’s one shot of .338 and ur gone. Ffs .338 is what they use for fucking elephant hunting.
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