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  1. Wong the Wong

    You are not cool writing like a retard Wtf is Lion Cartel Seems like a scam
  2. Wong the Wong

    sir curb your loss and be done with it.Also it is mean to say things like that
  3. Wong the Wong

    all the retards immediately downvoting lulz
  4. Wong the Wong

    tbf most of the guys are just licking
  5. Wong the Wong

    in the mission file there is one, its only for McDili though
  6. Wong the Wong

    Maybe add that if you kill someone inside the war island, you get money? The Titles related to Gang stuff award you with X amount of money once completed? Increased selling of illegal stuff percent when killing lots of gang members? More warpoints other rewards when killing enemy gangs?
  7. Wong the Wong

    3 in the night or afternoon tho
  8. Wong the Wong

    I am bored rn to look, when is 11:30 AM Est on the GMT timezone?
  9. Wong the Wong

    Can you make it 50 hours please?It will be better
  10. Any gang wants a guy with 2090 hours on Arma?I am a goodish shot and would love to take part in the gang wars.I am GMT+2

    Edited by AAB
  11. Wong the Wong

    Malden police dept. is actually MPD as we say APD
  12. Wong the Wong

    first, nice
  13. Wong the Wong

    Why's that?Sounds retarded
  14. Wong the Wong

    Some clarification plzz idk what that means
  15. Wong the Wong

    ASYLUM's coveralls are that way cause Pilot Covs + Carrier Lite + Server Lag = Tank

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