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  1. where you from homie id be more then happy to come show you whats good. 100% a prick, give me my money back bitch
  2. @McDili for being the 2nd best server owner, come back and pipe these retards
  3. how big are those titties little boy
  4. Then your mom wouldn’t get her dick appt’s no more she would miss me Damn bro your lonely I gotchu then I’ll leave, give me another week I’ll get you someone, can it be a guy? I heard you fly that way. @Ryan exactly shut you fucking mouth on my post nerd, get laid then come back.
  5. Ryan want the ouuup with a e girl I gotchu homie I know your lonely
  6. I bet you got sweat dripping down your tits right now fat boy Not what ya mom said
  7. whelp 5 years of great times is now coming to an end, I’ve met some great people along the way, some of my favorite memories is probably playing with burban and old tree before they turned retard @Jaeger Mannen. Defiantly enjoyed my toxic moments on Olympus mostly just busting the staffs balls but it was fun. Shout outs- @RDyer216 for taking me into bpm and being a n word @Claysive for being the biggest n word of them all @Lex yo for trying so hard to be support team member of the month on a dead server @Kyle Lake for trying to get your self a E girl because u ugly @Ryan for being a sensitive little boy @MAV for taking my 90mil and being a dick head @Coffee for being a virgin and over weight @Ares The British are coming! the British are coming! And also for banning me back in 2014 dh @Shades stay high my friend @Poseidon come back and save the sever and maybe I’ll come back/ best owner, dev Olympus ever had @rabeed for being a fucking idiot, meet my irl and I’ll smash you face in Thats all i can think off of the top of my dome, later nerds o7 stay virgins
  8. Actually I was in team speak with @Ares and I can confirm that they are trying there best to figure this shit out, anti cheat won’t be perfect over night, takes time. Now relax there little boy before I call the embassy and get you deported terrorist.
  9. Lol a hacker was just one 2 hours ago that’s where I got the screenshots from smh.
  10. Maybe get rid of the hackers then worry about the fucking spoiler lol, wasn't trying to spoil shit, was only showing that olympus is going to die one way or the other. Nobody is going to stay if this hacker is still here. Good luck boys.
  11. why can you see the pics
  12. https://gyazo.com/fcf654c2ded47a5af15708d84fa0822b RIP Olympus 2019........ It was fun.
  13. anyone down to box me? Been really wanted to whoop someones ass on olympus, so start naming some ass holes who you think i should box and ill set some things up. My top 3 line up personally would be @Kyle Lake @Mako @Coffee. So if anyone wanna toss some names into the mix go ahead. Little compilation of me knocking people out,
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