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  1. XOwenx


    who said i was trying
  2. XOwenx


    Hey guys i just want to tell you all to stay safe out there i just tested positive today and it is hell you do not want to get this shit but ik this is petty but don't cut on my to hard.
  3. Look dude @WALT did his best he had it on his back yes we can all agree ending was shit but at the end of the day Walt completed his event and tbh I want to see the ones hating make an event like this next time it will be better.but I watched the whole 9 hours and it was great yes ping in between games but the guys who ran it does not get enough credit and shout out to oly staff bc with them y’all wouldn’t have the option to be on here talk ya shit or having a good time
  4. Ok bud No I’m unban
  5. I got unban I da thought I was tho https://gyazo.com/851bdbccfaf038a9af4de80e88b8f0f4
  6. Well it was fun but I got permed again @Grandma Gary I no ballsed him and im Actually permed again so good by
  7. Omg calm ya selfs I was just trying to help out
  8. The time we have all been waiting for the finals for the gang blitz go check out @Noahhh!s stream at Twitch.tv noahhhnoahh for the best view of this event.
  9. lmao love you to no homo
  10. yes sir shit was good
  11. thats true have a nice day and thankyou for the stuff
  12. not im chilling with my free shit
  13. lmao wasnt crying and i was joking but thats actully kinda funny
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