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  1. casino = bad

    1. Skys


      lost 170mil yesterday to it 😄

    2. destruct


      NO SHIT

    1. monsterr


      If you get shot while falling you take no fall damage 🙂

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    2. ClashBy


      u missed so free

    3. Xlax


      @ClashByyeah bro i didn't miss at all!!!!!

    4. Billeh


      Ahh i see the issue, you only shot him 592 times, you needed 593

  2. yall fucked up the forums when I click a previous page on status updates it does this 



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    2. sploding


      @Xlax You're paying 15k a loadout and getting free money to fight cartels with a hand picked team of fraggers. If you want gear that's competitive then go play civ and pay 200k a loadout instead of bitching that the faction that's there to act as cannon fodder is outmatched.

    3. buckie


      @splodingxlax is 300x the player you are monkey 

    4. sploding


      @buckie and I should give a shit because? 

  3. well shit, on top of what I just posted about my friend that got murdered, my uncle was diagnosed with cancer, and one of my best friends are going to prison. fuck bro 

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    2. Xlax


      @MAV I've been unpermed for months.

      Also, my friend crossed drugs through the border to try and support his family. Not the best idea obviously, but he didn't have a lot of options and him and his family have been struggling. I've been good friends with him for like 5-6 years, but he just went down the wrong path. 


      And if you took a look at the post I was talking about from my friend being murdered, she was killed by her dad along with her mom in a murder-suicide.

    3. MAV


      well welcome back (again...)

      i mean, there are many many many other options then that, sorry to say... supporting a family is tough, but for those willing to work hard, there are plenty of high paying jobs available to them... now his family is in a very tough spot... prayers to them... but my point remains the same... maybe its a sign ya need to evaluate who you spend time with... only a matter of time before you wind up in the same hole as they were....

    4. Xlax


      @MAVYeah I know, I don't support what he did, he could have done anything else. But it still sucks to see one of your friends get locked up. And yeah ofc I evaluated who I'm spending time with, I distanced myself from him for a while because of shit he was doing, I mean I definitely am not going to end up going down the same hole. I have a good family, a full time job, and self-control. I had plenty of opportunities to go down the same hole, but I know it doesn't lead to anything good, so clearly I didn't.

  4. If you guys could share this I’d really appreciate it. This girl was a good friend of mine that was murdered by her dad along with the rest of her family, but her little sister escaped. Please share this link, anything helps.


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    2. HeadLESS



      Best I could do buddy, Sorry for the loss of your friend.  Sorry I cant do more.

    3. Tech


      That's fuckin tragic dude stay strong.

    4. Xlax


      @HeadLESSthank you bro that shit means a lot to me

  5. you can't quick peek with adaptive crosshairs. Instead of sitting in a static spot, they adjust to where the bullets are going to land depending on distance, etc. So when you're in a tower with adaptive crosshairs and want to quick peek, you have no way of accurately predicting where the bullets will go.

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