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  1. Xlax

    Ddosing Trash

    you can't use proxies to ddos. One singular connection (DoS) attack would 100% not be enough to knock off an OVH. It takes quite a bit to down an OVH entirely (since they have mitigation, and decent firewalls) which is what they use to host Olympus. Btw, online stress tools are just APIs to communicate to a botnet, so they might have a "botnet", and no knowledge whatsoever of how any of it works, simply because there are services for skids that think they are 1337 haxxors to buy a web based stresser and feel like they have balls over the internet. Not until they get put in jail for 10 years with rapists lmao
  2. unban me I did nothing wrong

  3. so i take classes in harvard's online cs50 shit, and i'm meming around in their discord and little did i know i'd be running into this dude @Dealer




    1. Dealer


      we doin big things out here

  4. @ThatNerdyGuy my comp request was put in can you please look at it asap

  5. does anyone actually still fight cartels on this server anymore?

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    2. Noahhh!


      Wait. This server has cartels?

    3. swervy


      fights are on asylum

    4. Xlax


      @Horizon i mean players with fingers

  6. Xlax

    o7 Boys

    late to this but lowkey u were always my favorite, i miss the screaming in your mic 24/7 and the toxicity buckie da goat
  7. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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    2. Headless




      Come on man. From when you use to be db and cool. Too fucking with the server. What do you expect me to say to you.  Sadly i am the same person I dont change. Internet rank is nothing around here iam a loner who is passionate about the server. You use to think the same way until you met the wrong people. Now your passions are clouded by childish tantrums. I am the same headless come around TS and you will find out. Can you say you are the same xlax? 

    3. Xlax


      @Headless damn ok that was actually we thought out props to that. I mean I definitely am the same, if you come and talk to me with a level head you will find that I am the exact same. I am cool as long as you are, I just found my fun elsewhere. Also notice how I haven’t been on Olympus lately at all. 

      Also, if I was let on the server after that one BE ban, I still would be playing legitimately, Olympus was the only server I cared about playing at all. But unfortunately that was not the case. 

    4. Xlax


      also i’m on my phone and i saw 2 of my comment to you that you screenshot, so i deleted one of them and it deleted them both, nice. 

  8. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Xlax


      ayee thank you bro!

  9. gdi go to sleep zahzi

    1. Weaz


      next time u kill me on cap dont be so obvious u clown lmfao

    2. m o n s t e r

      m o n s t e r

      hes just the better player @Weaz

    3. Xlax


      @Weaz I literally wasn't using anything aim related xd

  10. damn i was fragging out too :(

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    2. JuanDeaged



      u were driving ur offroad into kav HQ yesterday?

      I didnt even recognize ur voice im ashamed of myself

    3. Xlax


      @JuanDeaged bruh idk how u didn’t, other people pick up on it in a second it sucks xd 

    4. m o n s t e r

      m o n s t e r

      Daddy Long Neck you're late for bible studies

  11. this shit lowk a slapper

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    2. Jester


      I have a few more unreleased songs if you want em


    3. Xlax


      oof thank you for the sauce @Jester

    4. Airborne


      He's a pretty shit tier mumble rapper who uses way too much autotune and most of his songs sound the exact same

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