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  1. biggest


    would u rather have a big pp or a small pp
  2. in kkonaville currently. anything particularly kkona i can spend my time doing here? (upstate ny)
  3. Today I have reached the big five o. I know this doesn't seem like a lot to you bois. But this is a milestone and I am very proud of myself. Thank you guys for the +reps and I appreciate it very much!
  4. I honestly didnt have a fucking clue papi im sorry
  5. http://prntscr.com/jy93ze It was too big so I couldn't post the picture. Looks like Grandma Gary got competition, this mans paying big bucks
  6. That is art related. Although I do dabble in happy endings
  7. Never mind Grandma Gary has a big pp he gave me 1m.
  8. These admins (grandma gary) are lowballing me for my time! This is unacceptable and I do not seek to work with him again untill I get my big buck$. I need people like Fake Grandma who are respectable and reputable. I have been paid millions by people in malden and other big cities, but yesterday i was paid 150$ ! UNACCEPTABLE
  9. @Grandma Gary @Peter Long this shit took me like 3 and half hours my vro

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