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  1. oh cool a christmas giveaway! *sees the first requirement*
  2. how im tryna be tonight:


    1. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Which one are you?

    2. shmolty


      shit im tryna cut a bitch in half with a katana you down? :)

  3. keys keys keys keys

  4. let me take my retarded ass to sleep zzzz

    1. George White

      George White

      take your goofy ass to the gym kid... u not even swollen 

  5. is that all im good for damn but gotta do some hw first
  6. shitttt i need a crew hmu if you tryna play
  7. has anyone tried sea of thieves?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. shmolty


      @DeadPooL worth playing solo?


    3. Dealer


      23 minutes ago, shmolty said:

      @DeadPooL worth playing solo?


      played solo and its boring af, get 3 other people to play and its quite fun

    4. Exterminated


      If you don't have friends to play it with, don't buy it

  8. I want to try some thing new with my hair... Taper fade or High and tight?

    1. indian


      taper fade 

    2. Coca


      undercut fade, comb back

  9. Someone play me in Smash Ultimate

  10. Looking for some decent s2 Three of four craters... Maybe even a two crater if it's in a decent location. Id Prefer DP 22 or 23 though.
  11. by quitting so this game doesnt take your life over
  12. i havent seen a soul to rob all night :(

    1. Apathy


      probably because its Thursday night and people have work and school xd.

  13. what were you looking for or how much are you looking for
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