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  1. poof| kicked from astro :(

    literally kicked your best member 16yr old, and fyi we dont need 20 people to do fed like u who the fcuk even gets 25 for a few/bw most of time i wouuld assume its like 15
  2. poof| kicked from astro :(

    25!!!!??? is your gang that fuckin bad? was literally doing it with less than 13 what do u mean cop main, explain more when you are in a gang you can speak about how feds/bw's work
  3. poof| kicked from astro :(

    ive done 3 feds/bw's and for all 3 of them the cops seem to almost have infinite hunters. Literally had around 20 hunters at one tower for the BW, and its not them loading up 1 hunter, every cop gets a hunter. Make a fuckin limit for cops during fed/bw so that way they cannot just spam hunter push
  4. poof| kicked from astro :(

    im aware that everyone has other shit to do, but dont put it in donation goal until its ready so that way when you hit the goal you can actually release it, cause to be honest that is one reason i have been holding back on donating because its a little bit behind. And yea i know i dont have to donate but you are complaining about how non-donators are complaining, i think there would possibly be more donators if the goals were met sooner/quicker
  5. poof| kicked from astro :(

    i just want new things yeap and its not my intent to put staff on blast bec i dont wanna get banned cause i make them mad aenough but i seriously dont know why they would promise it in a donation goal and have it be soooooo late
  6. poof| kicked from astro :(

    release the new fuckin bank please, and anything else in the update
  7. poof| kicked from astro :(

    yes but how long does it take to do turtles to get 400k.
  8. poof| kicked from astro :(

    literally no troll, i want there to be something to do in the fuckin water, and gas stations should give more, you seem like a fuckin troll, in tree like a fuckin retard stick to shine and get off this post queer
  9. poof| kicked from astro :(

    that is the fuckin point you retard, to make it so i could do them, i have a fuckin fetish with wanting to do something in the water, salvage sucks dick, but acutally can make money, where turtles suck dick and they dont make money, i literally just want an oil mine in water or them to buff the fuck out of turtles, and i dont plan on calming down because honestly i think staff could do more, i understand they do enough and have shit to do but i dont fuckin care
  10. poof| kicked from astro :(

    im also confused are to why you are being a smartass, there is obviously a problem with turtles, it doesnt even matter if im talking about how they work or the amount that spawns, they need to be fixed/buffed in some sort of way so people actually fuckin touch them stfu retard
  11. poof| kicked from astro :(

    yea make more fuckin turtles spawn if u wanna keep them, like @Strae said, he never sees peopel doing them because they are not worth the time, there should be more shit to do in the water other than salvage go fuck yourself, punk
  12. poof| kicked from astro :(

    u cant even fight cartels stfu LOL kicked him and now he in plague, i think that shows something since they wipe ur gang every fight and plague made of montage of u guys
  13. poof| kicked from astro :(

    i cannot believe you are a developer
  14. poof| kicked from astro :(

    how much higher u think, good idea leaving vitality
  15. poof| kicked from astro :(

    they should make it so that gas stations give a little bit more a of payout, and they should make turtles work or just get rid of them and add like an oil mine in the water, post what u think

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