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  1. poof

    you are stupid, i said that i would just leave this here so that way if gangs actually checked post they could recruit, because most of the time when i post to the recruitment threads i dont even get a response
  2. poof

    my point is lethal? i understand tazing to pull out but when i show no aggression, he can just lethal?
  3. poof

    so when im obviously landing, you are allowed to lethal? i do not understand why you are beating around the bush. and you obviously knew i was landing considering you stated that.
  4. poof

    again, so that means u lethal?
  5. poof

    i messaged him before taking this to the forms multiple times in game and no response, he offered nothing, what is an IA report still doesnt mean you lethal?
  6. basically i was hovering above the apd at airport, they warning shotted me and i kept sitting there, they kept warning shotting, i ended up landing and right as i landed i was lethaled before i was even able to hop out of the heli. the cop never announced they were going to lethal me(through text and voice) and i never showed any act of aggression. Was he allowed to lethal me, please reply
  7. poof

    go back to being a cop
  8. poof

    Im looking for a gang that does wars/ robs/ fights. I am not looking for a money making gang. I got 937 hours, 600 on Olympus, the rest on KOTH. I got 18mil in game and some decent skill. I do not wanna apply for a gang on forums because they dont respond, or end up going inactive. Looking for a solid spot to spend the rest of my time on olympus with. dm me/ or post below if u got a spot Thanks~
  9. poof

    the intention was that it gives less than bw/fed... like way less, since everyone pointed the fact it would be hard for cops to get on since peeps could just titan it
  10. poof

    yea so make a way up it.....
  11. poof

    make it so there needs to be corporal online then to rob it? fuck cops
  12. poof

    should there be some sort of event on the carrier ship thats basically like the fed event, except less rewarding?
  13. poof

    fuck cops, they never win/ trash gang
  14. poof

    fuck all cops
  15. poof

    Ryan said the cops wanted there titles private. Post any cop titles here, so i know who to rdm thx. jk not getting banned loveukyle

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