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  1. Congrats on corp @Millennium, good day for the boys

    1. Millennium


      ty :wub: good day indeed

  2. ik its late but congrats @Corps and @rapidaax

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. communistjosh


      1 hour ago, drama said:

      who tf are they and what did they get

      I think ebola

    3. drama


      Fuck that’s a fucked up thing to congradulate you scumbag @gaz 

      get well soon @rapidaax @Corps

    4. communistjosh


      Can confirm @gaz is a scumbag

  3. gaz

    Fun times playing cop for the small amount that you were a cop. I will never forget when you called the fucking hostage negotiations off oh my. o7 homie
  4. My "threat" was a complete joke lol if you couldn't hear that in my voiceidk what to tell you. You actually think i'd go through the time to hit an irrelevant person to me offline lol waste of time.

    1. RubberDuck


      Who is the person who wrote this famous quote originally from?

    2. gaz
  5. gaz

    Its irrelevant, the APD was in the right, he just wants the rule changed. He interacted with his house with an illegal weapon and while wanted, so they searched it. It is the easiest way, APD and civs are ar a constant tug of war for power on the server, hence civ council wanting to nerf civs. They do make other changes though, go read through the past few civ council blogs.
  6. gaz

    Submit an IA report or bring them to support if they do that, they should know stuff like that. The reason people don’t know things like that is that people only have WPLs once in a blue moon. As for APD change, the past 3 or 4 handbook updates and server updates have nerf’d the APD, so they are atleast somewhat open to change. No, his job is to make civs a balanced and powerful faction. The biggest way to do that is further balance and nerf the APD.
  7. @Panda :) is this ur alt


    1. Skys


      Milsim on olympus?


    2. Bojo


      Holy fuck that's roleplay

  9. Congrats @Rossco goodshit you roleplayer, and welcome to Delta

    1. Rossco


      Thanks mateyyyyyyyy

  10. happy birthday @Mighty : )


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