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  1. thedoc

    can we PLEASE get the downvote button back for stuff like this
  2. thedoc

  3. thedoc

    does this mean I can use a macro ?
  4. does anyone have stardew Valley and wants to start a farm with me

  5. thedoc

    I will be reapplying on the 7th and hopefully with luck I'll get it this time
  6. to much RP!!!! 



  7. best streamer in the world 


  8. thedoc

    congratulations on sergeant BTW and no the server is not dying it's just that there time to leave
  9. thedoc

    o7 man you will be missed and I am sorry it had to end like this. stay safe
  10. yet again the British are triumphant

  11. ok thank you for everyone's concern I know I have see Sapd no I don't know what for yet I will let you know when I know 

    1. 1-800TryHards


      *see APD* gets corporal test :) 

    2. thedoc


      if only it was true 

    3. Sho


      lmk know when you find out 

      lmk know when you find out 

      wait a second...

  12. thedoc

    count me in
  13. thedoc

    yes go for it
  14. thedoc

    it's 3am I don't nee sleep

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