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  1. thats the point though, make those squeaker fucks work harder so we can rob their runs...
  2. why? This is a great fucking idea, a whole other dynamic. Shit i can just be a scumlord now.
  3. Making me think, wonder if there any to script it so we could rent our house inventory space? As in if I have a two crater I rent out half of the storage for a given fee structure built in the game, similar to how the housing in game market works now.
  4. Love it, and if you cant afford your property tax, you risk losing your house like irl. Would be a good way to refresh houses/garages as well. Wonder if you could also adjust the tax based on location, as in houses near a processor require more tax?
  5. Anyone notice that the Tier V vest is complete shite. 2 9mm shots/ 1 6.5 and your dead.
  6. Interested in the Plat House, 2/3 crater?
  7. Looking to sell DP9 garage
  8. I want it badder than John Wayne does
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