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  1. pass on that one, i like doing my all in bets!
  2. not true, i frag you guys all the time? youguys are my fan boys so your whole gang just slams me, stfu retard, fix your aim
  3. you're an idiot keep dying on cartel, shitter gang
  4. how am i always broke? im at 15m, the other day i was at 90m? also why's it matter if i go bet my money away? i just go do runs and use warpoints for loadouts, why are you still responding to me? shouldnt you be doing meth rn?
  5. Sorry everybody on the server are a bunch of role players, also poundcake I’ve won 15x your gambling winnings
  6. I rather have people betting making money so people can fight each other instead of having to do runs 24/7
  7. The only reason you’re against betting is because you lose, stfu and go do your meth runs
  8. Yeah I went broke and did runs... your point?
  9. i dont understand this concept where people say betting causes people to not do runs, when people bet their money away, they gotta go do runs cuz they go broke, either way people will do runs, also betting is an option, instead of betting you can go do runs, it's not mandatory
  10. my bid is 1.2m, im willing to go up to 1.5m
  11. Maximum Virtual: 1500 Maximum Physical: Not sure
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