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  1. Skys

    Hoes mad

    Watch out big scary threat
  2. I will show you much pictures of my kitty

  3. I heard this a safe space...so guys i have to announce i'm white plz send only respect towards me

    1. Ryan


      You piece of shit how dare you

    2. Richard


      I thought there was only 1 “non-white” in this whole community.  

  4. imagine a bug is your downfall 


  5. Has anyone ever pulled a spike strip and it went horizontal on the other person's screen but went vertical on yours?

    1. Strae


      I had a spike strip get pulled and then i dropped and packed it up but for 1 guy it was still out on his screen and i accidentally killed him abou t 7 times before he told me 

    2. Skys


      I just caught a perm because i pulled a strip out as a meme and no one told me it bugged sideways and some kid died and i thought someone else killed him

  6. #Bukkie4Suport2k19

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