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  1. I have hoonter's mk1 tazer for 100m
  2. How much for all mags plus the gun?
  3. With ammo or without
  4. I want anything you got bulk is expected as well if price is right
  5. Dear God all i see is people whining that it is the admins fault and this is dumb and bla bla bla. Really people listen to yourselves this could of been fixed easily enough if people weren't little snakes trying to hide money. My personally opinion is that people need to sit down, chill, and take a breather because i don't know about you guys but coming from a tech standpoint think about it how many admins do they have. shit takes time if people are trying to compare it to major companies you must be retarded then. The admins are doing what they can with the shit show that is the server now. If u want to still bitch and complain that this sucks don't blame the admins, blame the snakes who thought they could be smart and hide money. If for some god damn reason you still wanna complain leave the server no ones stopping you. Probably be better off without toxic people but that is just my thought on this situation.
  6. So since i havent been on because of stupid shit going on in my life ive decided i will be on today guaranteed around 2pm mountain time and i will be in the city of aids and cancer, also i will be heavly armed so im not going down without a fight
  7. @-|R|- Hawkons Im going into air force and doing what my dad did and that is bulding and maintenance on ICBM
  8. Some of you may have notice, but im not really on anymore more and its needs to be addressed. Unfortunately i have decided to leave Olympus and continue a family tradition and join the military. It has been some of the best experiences on this server that i hold dearly to me. I have been on this server for what seems to be about a year and i can say it was never dull. I've made friends, enemies, and neutrally agreed cease arms. I will always remember the days of NSM,RPD,Tree,Trident,DB, and The Order. Almost forgot Prime as well. Even though many of the gangs i joined split in the end it was always fun. I will say i will miss all of you dearly except you DB you always killed/took me hostage and made me sing. Support team, never stop being aids. Medics keep spamming that windows key. Last but not least APD "im going to report you for breaking rules" says every pleb. But in the end of all this this was a game and i will never forget this community. Never stop being the aids/cancer I've grown to love. Goodbye In The Immortal words of Mr. Spock "Live long and Prosper" Doctor White/Officer Black Ps: about my money, weapons, houses, and cars i am going to say this. If you want all my stuff for free heres what you have to do. I will be on the server for about 2 more weeks and if you can find me and taze me as well as restrain me you can have it all. This include 20 million, loads of gear including mx taser, mx lethal, 50 cal rounds, type 115, ak 12, also some cop gear. Vehicles wise i have a strider, ifirt, armed off road, armed jeep. Heli not anything worth while but if u want u can have. @hawk @Scribble @Peter @Kyle [email protected] @[email protected]@Prime @Headless @Decimus @Isaac @ChrisGG @Eggman @Fake Grandma @Grandma Gary
  9. You guys are aware the sting will we lethal if your not the right vigi rank only the mx or higher will taze because those are coded specifally to be a tazer
  10. +1 for the most professional responses ever
  11. My green pilot helm nooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... i cant go into serious medic mode now. If we have it in our inventory are we allowed to still wear it or even have it?
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