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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A7fONF9f9Y
  2. iCE is just the staff team irl change my mind

    1. Edweirdo


      ICE actually does their job

  3. less than 100k is left from his 150mil
  4. already took most of it.
  5. more like next time i get bored of rust and anzus. came back 2 weeks after the first one but olympus is just dead rn
  6. if you say hands upor die its fail initiation you have to say hands up or be fired upon, also if you call someone a retard and there offended its a ban its fun but its rules are scuffed
  7. Im a gorilla please use correct terminology
  8. Honestly servers gone to shit, can't even motivate myself to log in never mind the fact that when i do get on i either get rdm'd on spawn or i just waste i bunch of money get bored and log off BFO, xvideos, and Dynasty were the only fun gangs i was ever in. l8r @Skys no need to @ you since im gonna main anzus with you but might as well, you were a good nigga @codeYeTi just buy olympus already @Mason Harrison same as skys but you were and always will be the most aids nigga ive ever met @Tb:) the last time i had fun on olympus was with you, stop being inactive and just ban evade again @Xlax maybe if you stop getting permed for scripting you wont have to uninstall arma @Ryan honestly a good owner but not a @McDili or @Peter Long owner, thx 4 unperming me ? @BFO @Dynasty @xvideos Had a lot of fun playing with yall and had a lot of fun co owning and snaking gang funds from xvideos every 2 hours @Anyone i fucked over in this community, most of it was a stupid mistake that i should have never done but what happens happens, and i got what came to me from all of you @Cooper:P Coopy i free fired a titan missle at a medic so thats why its missing time to go play a server where you can literally get banned for calling someone a retard and saying "or die" is fail initiation l8r
  9. Yeah cause i already enjoy when people pull a titan and titan my heli i def want to get my frit 1 tapped by a fucking rpg
  10. Wasnt he just saying that to you give us quilins already fuck hatchbacks
  11. that was rude i dindu nuffin

  12. since when do we have favorite gangs other than our own? bfo on top bfo on top bfo on top
  13. Gay ass Kamdan Kings

    1. ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

      ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

      Dylan cook aka i cook meth

    2. ChillX


      Bahg faggert

    3. ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

      ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

      you still got that live go pro attached to @Riikens truck?

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