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  1. CS:GO anyone? im nova 2

  2. ddosing cause losing to 5 people @Teamplayers @Tapatio gangs really gone down hill.

    1. Show previous comments  229 more
    2. Revise


      this shits still going lol

    3. Lukeee
    4. DABESTeva


      @indian your still going stop being so mad calm down smoke a bowl buddy keep saying info that makes no sense fat yea good one lmao

  3. ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

    Certain Names/Characters are banned from the server, because unlike asylum we dont want apes runnin around with tags impossible to read, aswell as you cant have your name as Owner or Administrator.
  4. ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

  5. ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

    C A R E E R D I C K S U C K E R
  6. ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

    Promet MR 2x Reg Promets MXM (all tazers pm prices)
  7. ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

    i dislike you https://gyazo.com/974eb9204de8206e1edc578ea7058954
  8. 5.3mil bounty yoinked by a bunch of deputies, @Mita had some pretty good tries tho ;)

    1. Ninjaman427


      I looked at this picture and PUKED. Your settings are disgusting, please fix.

    2. ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ
  9. ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

    sold them all to @Noahhh! and mar10 is a lethal
  10. ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

    Already sold to corgi
  11. ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

    If im correct @ChrisGG correct me if im wrong but that was removed after Dante.
  12. ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

    can you do 2.5m?
  13. ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

    Yeah but then Yeti said i could join BFO so

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