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  1. yes because 150% of 50k is 125k not 150k -_-
  2. fuck @ChrisGG all my niggas hate ChrisGG if you restrict me for this imma slap you.
  3. this isn't the mcdonalds drive thru.
  4. MXM, ill sell for like 350-400
  5. im very confused if you're buying or selling.
  6. 44 hp, no helmet, still traded. also bringing up the fact that i logged off cause i only got 300k when uh yall logged off upset first.
  7. https://gyazo.com/6073b7454c58aa523fe64ecbb98cfaa2 44 hp to start and game froze, keep talkin tho, easiest 25 wps of my life.
  8. take a long walk off a short bridge
  9. literally just looked up arma 3 for beginners and found a video about prism.
  10. lol im "sucking prisms dick" i think prism is too busy picking up nobles moonshine scraps for me to suck anything, and nigga who even are you lmao, some randy with a bigger ego than this @PEACE brainlet
  11. dont make a post saying prism on top and not expect no one to call you a retard. cause they are far from the top, also whos sucking dick here lol?
  12. (you dont get 9 warpoints for a 77m kill while fullgeared, skys also got a kill) "capping" yeah were capping your cartel ty.
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