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  1. who needs a fed when they can split 9m from a bank 20 ways??
  2. we stay on top always fym perming players for just being better smh they had to take my nigga gze and @Ben Shapiro too, #justbetter
  3. e944d9ed6ec9d0c9877fbced7bb4f962.png


    o7 ig

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. m o n s t e r

      m o n s t e r

      played with a cheater, assuming this was supposed to be assisting/association.

    3. Sho-Time
    4. Evannnnn


      20 timer coming soon

  4. both 762 suppressors sold zafir + 10 mags sold 2x Promet SGs still for sale
  5. Zafir + 10 mags Promet SG 762 sup (tazer not for sale)
  6. xvideos clearly on top.
  7. https://gyazo.com/185a7821e407e80a06891ea261128406 is this what it feels like to be an au player?

    (had 700 ping cause i had my vpn located in australia)

    1. Monks


      broke my eyes

    2. Masoooooooooon


      Last time i was lagging on that CQC some retard permed me for cheating.

    3. Jerrod


      im not weird and dont put my vpn to australia so not funny didn't laugh...

  8. why can't i connect to any of the servers?

    1. SPBojo


      Cuz booter bill took em down

    2. Madnesss


      ryan forgot to pay for the server box

    3. Awful At This Game

      Awful At This Game

      This @Roach guy is working hard thats why

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