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  1. mon5t3r

  2. mon5t3r

    i don't wear glasses
  3. mon5t3r

    if you think about it, if you get your arm cut off, what goin hurt?
  4. mon5t3r

    to late bruther Lemme suck your dick nigga
  5. mon5t3r

    https://gmatclub.com/forum/there-are-2-blue-socks-4-white-socks-6-black-socks-and-8-red-socks-110592.html was literally the easiest fucking thing ever i literally just googled it
  6. mon5t3r

    5, i win
  7. mon5t3r

    I already have a how to, 1. Get permed 2. Go for unperm 3. get denied 4. ban evade 3 times 5. spend your 7 months being a forum warrior 6. be a forum warrior in school
  8. mon5t3r

    No you didnt
  9. mon5t3r

    me im winner

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