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  1. offer. (can provide ss of t4 and mk1 tazer)
  2. ik but you can also submit a general inquiry.
  3. https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ -> New Request - > General Inquiry, Request a name change.
  4. offer mar10, dms, promet sg.
  5. 10. fucking. hours. to have our 3-0 robbed because the people running/making this shit are basically clueless, good event.

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. kami


      its just arma

    3. thor


      stay mad fat retarded emo

    4. JuanDeaged


      Your fault for staying on your computer for 10 hrs for arma 3 gang blitz lmao

  6. You looked like you had your monitor upside down tho
  7. imagine thinking jail is hard to hold so you take the time to make a video talking about how shit the apd is l0l
  8. Looking at the video, I assume doxing?
  9. >Breaks a rule >Proceeds to fucking wonder why the fuck he was banned fucking retard
  10. imagine thinking you're hot shit after ratting 3m max worth of gear @GoonThe13Yearold you need to give this kid some lessons, 13 year old to 13 year old.
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