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  1. Ryan gets owner and servers fill up Image result for coincidence i think not

    1. Jester


      Aren’t you permed?

    2. p a t
  2. p a t

    What exactly is on my desktop?
  3. p a t

    This? https://gyazo.com/bce8486367af3e3b59974f808a9d0698 lol sure shows a lot. also when did i show you it, i was meming cause i was permed for playing with @Tb:) while he was using dune, both of us have uninstalled arma and haven't touched the game since we got permed basically...
  4. p a t

    Lol good one u actually thought I would pay 60 per month for a cheat on a game I can't stand to play for longer than 10 mins? Ur tripping big man.
  5. p a t

    Couldn't even shoot me while I was healing zzzzz And yours doesn't?
  6. p a t

    Go back to whiffing mags on me kiddo
  7. p a t

    I already sucked rex off enough for my first unperm jk i just annoyed him with ban appeals
  8. p a t

    I agree @Ryan best owner was taht good enough suck to get unpermed yet?
  9. p a t

    this is a lie! i rdm'd too much.
  10. p a t

    this really do be a bad time to be permed. :Kappa:

  11. Jizz on your mom like a snowstorm 

  12. p a t

  13. p a t

    25-40m ghawk 15m armed huron
  14. p a t

    i don't see playing with cheaters anywhere in the rules

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