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  4. How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. I'll stop by every once in a while. Honorable Mentions @Zahzi I had a lot of fun in DB back in the day. Thanks. @Mr Majestic Thanks for letting me be apart of the Civilian Council. Even if my ideas were bad. Also, thanks for letting me join DB way back when. I wish you luck on your future endeavors. @ThatNerdyGuy "You have to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky?" @destruct One of my favorite sR&R. @Kyle Lake Alliance will always be better than Horde. @Kedar Good luck with the Support Team bro. I know you, @Strae, and @Millennium will keep it on it's feet. @Noahhh! You should be an Admin. @DashTonic Playing GMOD with you was fun back in the day. @m o n s t e r The Kavala Kings were fun lmao @Soulz The Bubble Boys is, and always will be, the greatest gang on Olympus Entertainment. @Ryan You're doing a good job. Peter's shoes are hard to fill, but you've filled them. @buckie ETA on you getting ST Lead? @decla You and @Cooper:P are always fun to talk too in TS. @Jelly Donut Good luck with the streaming bro @Grego MC was really fun bro, my house was better lol @Dante You're the reason I stopped breaking rules on the server. Basically told me it's really easy to not get banned if you just follow the rules exactly as they're written. So, thank you. @Dicky cool guy @Ivy Silla is a great gang. I'm happy to see you brought it back. I probably missed some people. Sorry. Stay safe and healthy everybody. Goodbye Olympus.
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  5. "With big power, comes big responsibility" - Alfred from Batman
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  7. @FrankieTwinkletoes Wow, you didn't even @ me.
  8. When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to youuuuuuuuu *cue Disney intro*
  9. Spider-Man 3 is the best movie that Spider-Man made. Since it's release in 2007, critics have spent countless hours analyzing every frame. every scene. every line of dialogue in search of it's many subdued themes and messages. Like Garfield, Spider-Man 3 is a film about layers. On the surface, It's your typical thrill-a-minute Blockbuster with cutting edge special effects. But upon further viewing, you start to understand this is merely a facade. A false attempt to placate a broader audience. *whistle sound* In superhero movies, you can only tell two different stories, really. The origin story or a story about heroes, learning to work together as a team. Spider-Man 3 shatters expectations by not giving you the rise of Spider-Man but rather the fall. Peter Parker becomes tangled, if you will, in a web of violence and deceit and ultimately becomes the villain. The movie starts with Pete. He sees his best friend James Franco And he clotheslines him down an alley and kills him Then we're introduced to Sandman who we learned is a great father, trying to save up enough money to pay for his daughter's surgery. So, Spider-Man gets wind of this and, uh? kills him in a sewer. - [Spidey] Good riddance - [Dunk] Then the city throws a parade for Spider-man, and he kisses some bimbo, right in front of his girlfriend Then he meets this guy, who is actually, uh? his biggest fan Up to this part, I kind of figured out "Maybe Spider-Man is just having a bad day" We all know, he's a good guy at heart. - [Peter] Spider-Man killed him - [May Parker] Spider-Man? I don't understand. Spider-Man doesn't kill people. - [Dunk] But then, fucking stupid ass James Franco starts being alive again So, Mary Jane dumps Spider-Man, for no good reason *Comedy Slide Whistle* And then, she says "she's seeing another guy" Spider-Man, in a state of such distraught and fragility Goes to the only guy he thought he could trust James Franco, who goes: - [Franco] "I'm the other guy" - [Dunk] Fucking backstabbing piece of shit James Franco - [Waiter] How's the pie? - [Franco] *Tim Allen's Home Improvement Grunt* - [Dunk] Now, this scene is essential... Peter looks back into the cafe and that little bitch, winks at him and then BOOM! *honking* Like that, he's gone. Now, the question is... Where the hell did he go? The truck takes like one second, to go in front of PeterAnd then he disappears. This is where I realized that James Franco is actually hiding under the table. *Ding* Think about it! Naturally, Spider-Man slams James Franco into a wall and then-chucks a fucking grenade at his head. Then we cut to Spider-Man, uh? being fed a plate of cookies, and he says: - [Peter] You got any with nuts? - [Ursula] Hmm. I have some nuts. I could make some. - [Peter] Go make me some. - [Dunk] "Go make me some cookies with nuts in them" Now, this is actually a very clever scene, when you think about. In life, there was such a rich variety of cookies Peanut butter, chocolate chip, mint cookies, oatmeal raisin. But director Sam Raimi, has Spider-Man consciously choose Nut cookies to signify, that this man has gone nuts. Do you guys get that? You have the scene where Spider-Man is pointing at various women on the sidewalk now, look at the gesture he's making with his hand. He is saying to these women, "you're safe now" But in Spider-Man 4, I will shoot you with a pistol.But, it's not until THIS moment where we, the viewers, see that faint flicker of hope, within Peter, snuffed out. He changes his hair from. Uh? *stutter* the normal way to this Evil hair. This is when the Spider-Man, that I knew who had lost Uncle Benwho'd defeated Bonesaw This is when he had become truly lost. - [Peter] You'll get your rent when you fix this damn door! - [Dunk] Spider-Man 3 tells a dark story that confronts the audience with serious questionsand for this reason, I think it became a very divisive film.- [Tobey] I talked a lot with Sam Raimi about-about the tone of that of the character and how far to go with the darker side of Peter Parkerand for me, I just kept pushing.I wanted to explore that, further and further - [Dunk] It's a movie from a different era where artists were encouraged to take bold risks uninhibited by close-minded executives And I sincerely doubt we'll ever see Marvel, reach these heights again. Like Alfred said: "with big power comes big responsibility".
  10. @Zahzi @Weaz Happy Birthday

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