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  1. Happy birthday bro

  2. I just realized I still own the gang "Olympus" lmao Sounds good, I'll look for you when I'm on
  3. I'll consider it but you gotta group up with me bro
  4. Hey everyone! I haven't been on the server in quite a while and plan on reinstalling Arma 3. Can somebody give me a "TL;DR" version of all the updates I missed so I know what to expect? Thanks! - Your Friendly Neighborhood Kavala Scat
  5. happy birthday!

  6. Happy birthday bro

  7. @RogueOvert @RogueTurtle Happy birthday

    1. RogueOvert


      Wow, been a long ass time XD. thanks man 


  8. Happy birthday 

  9. oh hi, thanks for checking in, I'm still a piece of Garbage
  10. The concept of an archetype appears in areas relating to behavior, historical psychological theory, and literary analysis. An archetype can be: a statement, pattern of behavior, a prototype, a "first" form or a main model which other statements, patterns of behavior, and objects copy, emulate or "merge" into. What does that have to do with Arma 3?
  11. There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation, Then school comes along just to end it, So the annual problem for our generation, Is finding a good way to spend it

    1. monsterr


      you sure its 104? i think you're off by a couple months this year.

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