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  1. welcome
  2. Hey, i'm selling my kavala house. This house is great for robbing people and storing their gear, hiding from vigilantes, etc. List offers below https://gyazo.com/2732c4bff46a67232e10209091873d46 https://gyazo.com/d7aa8d585d7bf42e6f093da43c5f8512
  3. is 6128.85 km driven a lot for only 330 hours on olympus?
  4. Newbie for life
  5. send screenshot first
  6. I'm meaning tasers... @obeymatt @Savage^^^
  7. send offers below
  8. so im falsely banned for hacked cash and i appealed on sunday and just saw this now. wow. worst thing is that someone gave me money and now im banned and im guessing i apply to all of these restrictions if i get unbanned?

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