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  1. So nice to see player opinion's although I'm surprised so see this post. Perhaps Ace was in a hurry again this his his opinion not fact.
  2. why is it when you are eating late at night and these darn Medical comercials come up, and they love to mention yes im sure its from the Layers point "sleepiness, nervousness, insomnia, dizziness, nausea, skin rash, headache, diarrhea, upset stomach, loss of appetite, abnormal ejaculation, dry mouth, and weight loss etc etc

  3. i love it regardless of drama yes things can change so far i have died over 142 times and killed 16 i have 58k in my bank and still love this community
  4. Father passed "pancreatic cancer"61 2012 His wife Step ma passed very close to me in 2013 from "Cardiac" she was 60 and my mother passed in 2011 OD age 51, reasons why I share this is to show you are not alone and when I get my SSI check I can send you 20bux in slow mail since I don't have CC card..I will talk to you to get the mailing latter..in the mean time read this to her out loud if you wish this helps.. last five chapters of Psalms read out loud to those in need.
  5. "Rememberd the song forgot about around year or so "Emalkay - When I Look At You "

  6. bawls! had sixteen msgs to have me comp or ban over a pdw
  7. I hear ya haha cops are now off duty from civ's from burban...lawlz Funny
  8. nope Cowboy up! xD
  9. Goodbye R&R see you next year.....

  10. Your're fired NUFF SAID
  11. Thank yout for taking the time to give me a chance to work with the R&R community, if anything you have inspired me to learn how to build in arma 3 map editor. Here is a video hope you enjoy anything with explostions always brings a smile on my face. Till we meet again friend. tekcub
  12. All good thank you. level three donater thanks to "Lonnie85" huge thanks
  13. Right paypal does take debit cards but not this one its for SSI SSDI since i dont have a bank account this one is not linked to one.
  14. to fix set option config video aa&pp set "depth of field at 0"
  15. trying to donate 25bux and see this takes paypal, i dont have paypal nor a bank account since I have SSI from a debit card that comes from the tresury dept i cant use this paypal declines these cards...is there way i can send money order?

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