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  1. Even still, they both suck. Day for the win!
  2. Fair enough lol
  3. No, we do but just not at the same times.
  4. A games environment depends ENTIRELY upon the people that are in it. And most people on Olympus are probably not assholes in real life as they might be in the server, because they know there's know IRL reprucssions to being one. It's that freedom and "invincibility" from consequences, that make up the toxic side of the server.
  5. Is the island with with the anti-air missiles still a thing?
  6. That's right. Although I believe there should be some seriousness to it, as that's what holds the entire faction together, fun is the end goal in all of our playing.
  7. Pick a Faction, Then Explain Why?
  8. I think they're trying to tell use something....
  9. RP is garbage, but like @ThatNerdyGuy said, it's not a hardcore RP server. It's just the dynamic of the server, and yes, while more RP would be nice, it is what it is.
  10. I want to be in da giveaway Discord: 『(』Flaw『)』#0991
  11. Okay, that was the most skill I've ever seen somebody use to avoid a crash.
  12. I've recently came back from a much needed a 1 year hiatus from ALL games, and it has completely changed my aspect on them. My social and family life has never been better!
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