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  1. Selling a MAr-10 Lethal 2m Selling a Mk1 Taser 1m
  2. Jobius

    Car bomb

    ^ pays above market price
  3. Funniest thing I've read. So much anger
  4. Jobius


  5. Much needed review. Personally like that the PO's can choose to give up to a 25% off. The majority of us are PO's and 99% of the time it's usually PO's and Deputies slumming it with no Corp or above with us. Thank you.
  6. +1 Map is huge, hunting for one person instead of just searching for names on the wanted list would be a cool idea
  7. @D Ganja The chair is not wipeable as it is made of a cloth/cushion material not a leather chair
  8. I have sprayed it and wiped it, but the stench persists
  9. Been using the same chair for a couple months now, and of course I have farted on it numerous times, but now, as I shift my weight I can smell a small sudden wiff of a stench that I can only believe to be a the shit particles trapped in my chair. How do I rid my chair of this odor? COMPLETELY SERIOUS!!
  10. Got a 4 crate in Kore. Looking to sell it
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