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    2. Danger


      That's some stopping power right there....

    3. Hot Pocket

      Hot Pocket

      talk bout ripping a head off XD

    4. Gibbs


      @bow No I don't I was working my way into the city, i wasn't near the HQ when it went off.


  1. Happy Birthday 


    1. Gibbs


      Thanks buddy!


  2. Happy Birthday Gibbs!

    1. Gibbs




  3. When someone leaves a blindfold on.



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    2. Pledge


      @Talindor It was so good you laughed twice.

    3. Talindor


      The way the bag guy is walking, I was laughing so hard.

    4. Bow


      Snatch is a great film :D

  4. Hi there Gibs, I recently wanted to join the apd and was accepted. You said I should have my ticket number in my name how do I find my ticket number and so on?

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    2. Luxxy114


      Accepted for an interview. Please wait in the Olympus APD Whitelist Applicants Channel for a Senior APD member with your ticket number in your name.


      what does this mean and we're is the whitelist applicants channel? 

      And how do I go for an interview?

      please help me I'm new to this guys.

    3. TheCmdrRex



      In teamspeak 3 at olympus.ts.nfoservers.com

      There is a channel that says APD whitelist applicants - Join it. 

      If you need any help please join the Support Room. 

    4. Gibbs
  5. Wooo jet skis good job boys!

    1. Augustus


      Thanks for that final push :)

  6. There will be a reply in the ticket you submitted saying if you were accepted or not. To find your ticket just click on support in the top row.
  7. At least 16.
  8. Garage Candy.
  9. Happy Birthday dood!

  10. Just to the south is Strais
  11. https://gyazo.com/1806f9f015417f6e3c5200e61829ec5a Several high powered rifles and at least 15 people in custody, even if they did get rescued, they did a good job.
  12. lol
  13. I love our medics!
  14. The reason we can't loot dead people is, people can dupe items, and have done so in the past. I don't think they will ever bring back looting of dead bodies.