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  1. Aether

    Ill try and find it. Its a playlist of three edited ten minute videos of this poor dude just saying fuck several times. Funnier than it sounds.
  2. Aether

    Nice. I miss that one series though where this one guy was a brand new medic.. and it was a compilation of him just swearing over several clips..
  3. Aether

    10/10 Flies like a Koth slut. xD
  4. Aether

    Hotas + Track IR = Best immersion I don't know how you keyboard guys even manage, you have my respect.
  5. Aether

    Not after I posted it. More of a spur of the moment deal. I can see how it looks ridiculous.
  6. Aether

    I have an idea! The APD has a forum section. The R&R has a forum section. Do we have an area on the forums strictly for civilians and their discussions?
  7. Aether

    Am I the only one that understood that the only individuals harmed by this decision are law abiding citizens? Regardless of the legality of the Blackfish, the frequency of their usage in events is not going to decrease. Do you people think that a band of players with workers permits and protectors are going to go into federal events? Hell no. The factions that attend federal events are participating in illegal activities to begin with. This decision is irrelevant to the real issue(s) that the APD is likely failing to dealing with. Changing the meta of the game isn’t going to make your jobs any easier.
  8. Aether

    The best part about this APD update.. I guarantee Trident is laughing about all of this, and absolutely does not give a shit. They don't need vehicles that are deemed "legal" when they are intentionally partaking in federal activities. Damning the blackfish will not decrease the frequency of its usage by them and gangs like them. The only faction effected by this are the law abiding citizens. By restricting their rights and logistic capabilities.
  9. Aether

    So is there going to be a proper civilian rebuttal/vetoing on this or is this just going to be one-sided? There are plenty of civs that fly the blackfish for other purposes other than fed events.
  10. Aether

    LMAO? Is this some kind of joke? This is absolutely a joke... and you think making the blackfish illegal is going to stop them from being utilized??? Yeah okay....
  11. I'm not going to bash gangs or anything.. However there are people that can almost only play the game alone. Not sure what the hell is wrong with their personality but its just the way it is. I've never found gang life beneficial, at least financially speaking. Always going out of my way to make the most profit possible in the shortest amount of time, while avoiding contact with "society" all together. I actually wish I knew who the rest of the loners were on Olympus. Not because I want to bother them, but because I think its a respectable way to play. Anyone who can pull it off is an excellent strategist in my mind.
  12. I understand the prices, but why the locations?? The usable sites as they are at this moment are impractical. Nobody with any experience or foresight is going to look at war or near warzone (or any of the cartels for that matter) and actually contemplate going there.
  13. You didn't care to mention in your notes how you literally FUCKED salvaging in the ass??? Get rid of the purple marker requirement, please. As soon as you can. The 12 meter under the surface requirement was good enough. Why would you do this?????? I don't care about the prices. You screwed us over half of the previously available shipwreck sites.
  14. Aether

    I need to start going to these or at least watching them more if possible. That is a badass way to buff illegal runs. With multiple processing options the economy will likely see an increase in the illegal run frequency, which directly buffs cartels. So hopefully it'll stimulate some action there.
  15. Aether

    This is actually a cool concept. Would definitely help new players too. I think trying to get the staff involved in the deal(s) might be asking a lot on top of what they already have to deal with.. I could see myself renting out a couple of houses for 50k a day per person though. Thanks for the idea.

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