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  1. Happy bday bro

  2. Happy birthday 🙂

  3. Yo what the fuck happened to the forums this shits gay as fuck

  4. o7 man great person in general and a even better air recon supervisor
  5. white claws getting added to sapd shop soon

    1. ThatNerdyGuy


      No laws when you're drinking claws

  6. Congrats!!!! @maxg

    1. maxg


      thank you big man kden

  7. Kden


    Rip the fucking g that nigga 700 pounds anyways:((((
  8. Next time you go to buy 3.6 mil worth of war points do your player research. I’m estimating at around 10k a point it would be a bulk buy of 360 so have them send you there PID to make sure they actually have the points
  9. lol rating on a video game, grow up you pussy @ChicagoJack

  10. o7, hope your back, you've been a big help to the community despite everyone's negative views and opinions towards you
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