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  1. Kden

    I have a 7600k and I manage 40fps in kavala @4.5ghz if you want you could try overclocking to around 4.8 if you have the proper cooling it can make a difference but the PC cleaning really helps
  2. Kden

    Where’s shittage 13
  3. Kden

  4. Congrats to my nigga @Rossco on the promo, worth the extra hour late night 

    1. Rossco


      Thank you Pocket Medavac : )

  5. Kden

    I rather be raped to death by a 6’9 black man then join your gang
  6. Kden

    With all respect to past and current developers I don’t know where Olympus would be with out you with the amount of time and energy you dedicate.
  7. Kden

    Fr if you started reading all of his content he makes proud look intelligent
  8. Kden

    Your a prime example of a highscool drop out with shitty parents
  9. Lol people really out here try Harding life 

    1. obeymatt


      Why wouldn’t u try hard life 

    2. Jamie
  10. Kden

    Mans is actually on route to a genuine -1000 rep
  11. Kden

    Give away ended 50/50 spots filled @Jamie won but gave it to “who ever number 13 is” @Destruct
  12. Kden

    Taken but 38 is closest

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