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  1. yeah lets make it so one c4 levels a whole fucking house great idea epic games

    1. Creepy


      No one likes you.

    2. Invu


      @Creepy get back to titaning people nerd 

    3. Creepy


      @Invu let me know when you can log in again

  2. Invu

    5.5m @Jesse can you verify this for me?
  3. If you're interested in applying for either role please read below and submit an application in the support section of the forums for "Staff Application" then select the desired position.
  4. Invu

    wtf you're nuts
  5. imagine complaining about gang life being dead then kill switching people on cap

  6. tfw you lose cap so you just kill switch everyone on cap 


    1. max^


      :hmm: thats assent for ya 

    2. Vac.


      +1 wasnt even on cap with you gusy and we got kill switched when pushed us

  7. Invu

    its called cop hmm
  8. Invu

    sbg calling other people bad hmmm
  9. Invu

  10. Invu

    stay safe man o7
  11. Server 3 Now Open 24/7 For Summer Legend @Jesse

  12. Invu

    for an rdm ban and you comp his loadout you should be completely fine
  13. Invu

    a bunch of people recently got banned for duping

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