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  1. Best song out rn 

    ( use speakers )


    Edited by Invu
    1. Apathy


      Lil yachty is actual garbage 

    2. Invu


      the bass goes hard though no matter what

      Edited by Invu
  2. Welcome to Olympus
  3. why you gotta do my mans like that
  4. xddd ill do 1.2 no mags i already have some
  5. is this a lethal or taser
  6. +1 on everything besides the legal hunters and striders fuck that shit im not trying to have a vigi chasing me in a strider when i have a big bounty
  7. Dominos Or Papa Johns 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Strikke


      Dominos because thats the only american chain pizza place we have here in Norway

    3. Dominick Ramos
    4. Invu


      Dominos is cheap though so it has its perks but papa johns has some bangin pizza

  8. im bout to be fucking taking w's in class
  9. why the fuck am i gonna buy a mar-10 with a dms to taze someone 1.2k away that isn't gonna get restrained

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